Noonebu Insight: Belief Is Paralogy

Quite often, people are inclined to paralogy. Paralogy is like trying to play a game of poker with only 30 cards and not a full deck. Yes, you can deal a set of cards to everybody but the whole game can never be played to its true potential due to the lack of the rest…

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Noonebu Philosophy: Wealth, Power, and Position


A lot of people demonize money, large sums of money, the accumulation of large sums of money, and people that are highly successful. This is common in American/European culture. It’s no secret that people demonize success, wealth, and power. That’s not something that you have look hard to find. One of the primary reasons for this…

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The Ethiopian “Table of The Sun”

table of the sun

In ancient Ethiopia, there was a commercial custom and policy that was unique to the Ethiopian culture. This custom is noted in ancient records that bear witness to Ethiopian culture and was known throughout the world. Kings around the world envied this custom and policy. It was called, “The Table of The Sun”. The “Table…

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What Is Meant By “Sun Mind” and “Moon Mind”?


Note: The following explains the concept of what is called “Sun Mind” and “Moon Mind” as the terms are used Noonebu culture, philosophy, and science. The following in no way reflects the philosophy, science, ideas, or notions of any other culture. Most people are stuck in mental cycles that yield the same results each time.…

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Why Were The Ta People Susceptible To Being Conquered and Enslaved?

It was due to our social order and culture. We had kingdoms with absolute monarchies and therefore we had kings and royals. When playing chess, what happens when the king is captured or killed? The game is over and the side that lost its king loses, right? Historically, what has happened whenever a king was…

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The Dan Baki Pyramids and Dan Baki Sphinx Mystery Solved

How is it possible that 1,000+ tribes and cultures in Africa ALL forget or omit their interaction with the Ta people? How did the whole of Africa and the world forget about the Ta people and their culture? We know that Negroland/Nigritia, ancient Sudan, and ancient Aethiopia existed…so, where are the physical artifacts? In the…

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The Truth About “Chaos Magick” and Real Magic

NOTE: Before you get started reading this article, you need to think about something. Would you say up when you mean down? Would you say high when you mean low? Would you say no when you mean yes? Communication is only effective when other people understand what you are talking about. Allegory, interpolation or using…

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The Plate of Shit Scenario

Plate of Shit Scenario


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Noonebu Insight: Are All Black People or Black/African Cultures The Same?

There is the popular notion or idea that all black people are the same and all black or African cultures are basically the same. This idea of biological and cultural indifference is upheld and perpetuated by many people, especially Black Americans or African-Americans. Though a lot of people subscribe to this idea, you are about…

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What Is Culture?

Often, the word “culture” is associated with something that it is not. The word, “culture” is also not associated with something that it is. Though that may sound strange, it is true. In this post, I will give an example of each that we are all familiar with. Let’s begin with the established definition of the…

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