The Noonebu Academy Is Available Exclusively To iOS Users


As of January 13, 2017, the Noonebu Academy is only available on iOS. From this point forward all literature will be viewable only on Apple iPhones and iPads. Apple technology provides the best performance and security. This allows the Noonebu Academy to maintain the highest standards and qualities with our digital media. New literature is…

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The Negro-Nazi (Exposed)

negro nazi

There are small groups of black people that are part of what is referred to as the “black conscious”, “RBG”, “Pan-African” movement or community. This community of black people include groups or factions such as the radical black muslims, the black “hebrew israelites”, the nuwaupians, the “moors” and the black panthers. All of these small…

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Ancient Ethiopia or Aethiopia and Negroland (Nigritia)


The East African country of Ethiopia today is in no way related to ancient Ethiopia. Modern Ethiopia is one of the oldest officially christian nations in the world. According to historical record, it was established around 980 B.C. and was formerly known as the Kingdom of Aksum. That kingdom was a trading empire and used…

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Why It Is Important To Establish A Legacy Before You Have Children

Building Legacy

Having children is an economic burden regardless of how “special” people think having babies is. There is nothing special, unique or amazing about having babies. If you have more children than you can afford then you are doing your children a disservice. The decision to not have children is not a bad thing. Practicing sexual…

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The Noonebu Community Does Not Support LGBT

The Noonebu community does not harbor, promote or accept non-heterosexuality as normal or nor is it a part of our culture. A non-heterosexual person does not observe primary/natural biological order. Noonebu culture upholds and adheres to primary/natural biological order as well as lifestyles and practices that are conducive to the well-being of current and future…

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Noonebu Insight: The Origin & Purpose of The Race Classification System

origin of race classification

European culture introduced the modern concept of race and racism after the light/right/white rationale was introduced by way of religion. Historically and factually, no other culture labels people according to a color code except for Europeans/Caucasians. A lot of people have the concept of race confused with something else. For example…did you know that people…

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Noonebu Philosophy: War & Culture

Noonebu Philosophy

Control of the historical records or narratives, politics, and application of law are means of warfare according to the established, recognized and current philosophies of war. Major media, including social media are cultural weapons. Everybody on Facebook right now is participating in a cultural war and you don’t even know it. Most people believe that…

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Noonebu Philosophy: Elitism & Hierarchy

People have demonized the word, “Elite” as it applies to people. The word elite is defined as successful and powerful or the best of something. Therein is the source of the social demonization of the word, “elite”. It means that not everybody is equal. It means that not everybody is “chosen” or powerful. It means that…

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Noonebu Philosophy: Is There Life Throughout The Universe?

A condition is created, determined or controlled. Chance is not. Chance is what happens in the absence of control or determination. Life does not happen by chance, it happens by conditions. Those conditions are indeed a universal existence. Humans are a universal existence. Life is a universal existence. To assume that this planet is the…

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Natural Order: Notice To Proselytes & Syncretists

Authority is directly related to position. You can’t have authority without first being in the position to exercise that authority. You can’t excercise any authority that your position does not allow. To attempt otherwise is an attempt to defeat the natural laws of growth, balance and order. That would be a fight against nature and…

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