Noonebu Insight: The Truth About Racism & Its Origin

Nobody alive today is responsible for the racism of 200 years ago. No racist person from 200 years ago is alive today. So, ask yourself….what has perpetuated the racism of 200 years ago into the present? The answer to that is simple….the culture that maintained racism of 200 years ago is the same culture that…

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Noonebu Culture: A Noonebu Is Economically Self-Sufficient

Noonebu Wealth

[sociallocker]A Noonebu is economically self-sufficient and does not need a job because a Noonebu has his or her own business. “Job” and “wages” are slave terms. [/sociallocker]

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Noonebu Philosophy: Nature Does Not Choose Sides

Noonebu Philosophy

Everything is nature which includes all “sides”. The difference for us is that we apply a balanced rationale to life and living…all for the primary and positive order of nature. Nature is with everybody but not all forces and energies in nature work with everybody to the same degree or in the same ways, capacities…

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Noonebu Philosophy: Interpolation Is Not Extrapolation

[sociallocker]There are people that will deny established definitions of the words that they use in order to uphold a belief or make a point. Words are not defined with beliefs, opinions or theories. The definition of a word is academically and socially established after it is coined. Over time words are or can be redefined.…

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Noonebu Philosophy [Video]: Science of The Noop Symbol

Noop Symbol


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Noonebu Philosophy: What Is A “Spiritual Experience”? (Demystified)

What Is A Spiritual Experience?

An imbalanced rationale is one that does not consider any or all of the facts with reason. An imbalanced rationale will abandon any fact or set of facts in order to uphold a belief or theory. There are people that claim to have or have had “spiritual experiences”. These people will use these “spiritual experiences”…

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Noonebu Philosophy: How To Know Right From Wrong

How To Know Right From Wrong

The dominating culture allows for belief, opinion and theory to be considered before any, all or specific facts. With such a rationale, the truth is substituted for whatever is widely accepted and agreed upon. The foregoing can be observed in everyday life so, my observance is not my opinion, belief or theory, it is a…

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The Noonebu Community: No Self-Initiation, Self-Appointed Positions or Self-Recognized Authority

Temple of Ptah

There is no self-initiation in the culture of the Ta people. There are no self-appointed positions in the Noonebu community. There is no self-appointed authority. So, the question now is why. Why? Because in nature there is order. Noonebu culture is based on natural order, laws, and principles. In all cultures, there is order, hierarchy…

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Noonebu Philosophy: The Purpose of Pyramids & Why Pyramids Were Built

KASHTA Pyramids

Contrary to popular belief, the purpose of the pyramids is for the dead to communicate or speak to the living. I’m not talking about ghosts or anything of the sort. I am talking about what is explicitly evident. What is indeed evident is that messages etched into the walls of the pyramids survive to this…

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Noonebu Culture: What Is A Royal & What Is Royalty?

Kashta Royalty

[sociallocker]True royals are incarnations of “spirit beings” and also function as such based on their design and purpose in accordance with universal seasons and cycles in order to sustain the perpetuation of natural order. Being as royals are incarnations of spirit beings and spirits beings exist for all time, royals lay claim to resources and sovereignty…

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