The “Out of Africa Hypothesis” postulates that modern humans conducted mass migration out of Africa more than 100,000 years ago. The narratives concerning the “Out of Africa Hypothesis” emphasize the destinations of these various migrations without much consideration or attention for the causes of these mass migrations. There are four primary causes for the mass migration of humans. Below is a list of these causes. 

4 Primary Causes For Mass Migration:

  • Survival
  • Persecution
  • War and Violence
  • Opportunity

None of those causes include exploration or doing it because it can be done. People don’t migrate in mass numbers because of good or favorable conditions. It’s not reasonable or intelligent to trade stability and safety for instability and danger. Mass migration is an indication that something is or was in crisis.

So, what kind of crisis would cause the mass migration of people out of Africa?

One of the strangest aspects of the Out of Africa narratives is that the migrations were genetic.

There have been studies that show this with empirical precision.

Here is one of those studies:

Here is another:

So, because of these facts and the incumbent pursuit of truth, we must rephrase the question asked earlier.

What kind of crisis would cause the mass GENETIC migration of people out of Africa?

What conditions would cause a majority to stay and a minority to leave….based on genetics….over thousands of years?

What kind of human crisis could last thousands of years?

Well, the only aspect of the human condition that we know can and has lasted thousands of years is culture.

Every major advance or set back that effects a mass population of people has always been cultural at its core.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to present the idea that the reasons for the mass genetic migrations of people out of Africa were cultural. This means that the cultural crisis included genetic factors. The cultural and genetic factors at the root of the migrations were causing major problems for the majority. So, the majority forced the minorities out. The mass migrations were necessary for the survival of both parties. The minorities were persecuted, as minorities always are always the ones that are persecuted in any way…due to the nature of persecution itself. There was violence and war as a result of the persecution. When a minority was banished by the majority, the only opportunity for the those that were banished was to leave or perish. Another peculiar thing about the “out of Africa” migrations is that there were people that settled in regions that were and still are poor in resources like Europe and the Middle East. Compared to the other regions around the world, Europe and the Middle East contain a poor amount of resources. Settling in an area with little resources would not be a decision made favorably 50,000 to 100,000 years ago or today. However, if a group of people was to be banished to a specific region that had poor resources, that group of people settled there because they had no other option for survival.

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