A lot of Black people believe that Black people can’t be racist. A lot of Black people also believe that cultural misappropriation is limited to other people that are not Black. Allow me to prove that those beliefs are bullshit.


Brace yourself for this.

Let’s rock…

It is a fact that many Black Americans have European first and/or last names. That’s not a mystery and it is not a secret. That is not something that you have to look hard to find. Everybody is aware of it. In fact, the probability that this is true about you if you are a Black American and are reading this is very high.

It is also a fact that most Black Americans are religious, being primarily Christian with Black Muslims coming in second.

Now, let’s look at this for what it is.

I assert that Black people did not popularize Christianity on a global scale or use it as the basis for global imperialism. The Europeans did that. I assert that Europeans benefit from and with Christianity more than Black Americans do, given the evidence of the Black American condition, currently and historically in America. This means that Christianity serves and has served Europeans better than Black Americans.

I assert that Black people did not popularize Islam on a global scale or use it regionally as a basis for establishing Islamic states/countries. The Arabs did that. I assert that Arabs benefit from and with Islam more than Black Americans do, given the evidence of the Black American condition, currently and historically in America. This means that Islam serves and has served Arabs better than Black Americans.

I assert that the slaves during slavery in America were TAUGHT Christianity by Europeans and were given European names that Black Americans of today still keep and use.

The previous statements prove that most Black Americans are primarily proselytes for and of other cultures/religions.

The statistics from the Pew Research center prove this.

View the statistics for yourself:





Being that MOST Black Americans of today have European names and are Christian, amongst other things, most Black Americans fit the definition and description of “proselyte”. A proselyte is a convert; somebody that was identified as something but now CHOOSES to identify as something else that they are not.

No matter how much the Negro-Nazi Proselyte tries to claim that Christianity and Islam were started by Black people, they will never be able to substantiate and quantify that claim. If you don’t think so, I challenge you to ask anyone that makes the claim to substantiate and quantify their claim using only facts void of theory, belief, opinion, speculation, assumption, or emotion. They won’t be able to do it.

Now that we have established the fact that MOST Black Americans have European names and uphold primarily European culture/religion, I’ll present a scenario that will make it very clear and cogent that most Black Americans, being primarily proselytes, are not considering ALL of the facts and because of that, they believe that Black people cannot be racist.

Imagine a white woman with any of the following names:

  • Shekisha
  • Sharkisha
  • Shemeka
  • Lekeisha

Imagine a white man with any of the following names:

  • Antron
  • Deshawn
  • DeAndre
  • Oranjello

Now, if the thought of white people having names like those sounds funny to you…and you are Black…why? Why does it sound funny or out of place? If a white person had one of those names most Black people would think that is cultural misappropriation.

So, why doesn’t it sound funny for most Black people to have European names?

Think about that.

Who would it or does it sound funny to?

It’s not popular for Black people in America to have other than European names. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, but for the majority of Black people in America, having a European/Eurocentric name is a common reality.

So, being that most Black people have European names and subscribe to European religion/culture and philosophy, the facts and evidence show that most Black people have misappropriated and are currently misappropriating European culture at every level. Black

Racism is the BELIEF or idea (not fact) that one race is superior to all others. Black superiority/supremacy is a common/major theme in the Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious/Pro-Black community. How is that not racism by definition and description?

A lot of people in the Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious/Pro-Black community believe that Black people are so superior that they call themselves gods and goddesses while proclaiming “the black man is god” or “the black woman is god,” yet at the same time they also say that they don’t believe in god. In fact, the first Black man of record to popularize the idea that “god is Black” or “the Black man is god” was Bishop Henry McNeal Turner…a Christian proselyte. These are facts and all facts are valid.

So, if you are Black, when you call another Black person a “coon,” “sell out,” “uncle tom,” “negropean,” or anything of the sort…remember your family name. Remember that your mother and grandmother taught you Christianity. Remember that it was your parents that gave you a European/Eurocentric name. Remember that most of the Black people that you know are proselytes. Remember that while you are praising Africa, the Africans are not over there praising you. Remember that Facebook was not built by Black people. Remember that you need the police when something goes wrong. Remember that you need western medicine when you or your loved ones get sick. No, this is not praising European culture— this is about dealing with the facts (all of them) and no amount of Negro-Nazi belief is going to change any of them. Nobody can misappropriate “Black” culture because there is no such thing. The fact that most Black Americans are proselytes invalidates any claim that there is a Black culture. If there is a Black culture, then what is the name of it? “Black” is not a word that belongs to any of the languages in Africa.

Here is something else to think about:

While Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious community is so busy pointing out what somebody else has done to them, they are not pointing out the things they are doing to themselves. Having a race-first mentality is literally putting the body before the mind. What is a body without a mind? Dead. Putting the body before the mind is like putting a cart before the horse…you won’t go anywhere and the Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious community is not getting anywhere.

The reality of this may seem harsh until you consider the fact that enforcing and upholding anything but the facts is the same as maintaining any cultural suppression or oppression that is already in place.

The Noonebu Academy DOES NOT support the Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious community, their agendas, philosophy, ideology, beliefs or narratives in any way. We do not allow Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious people to join or be a part of our institution. The Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious community is not welcomed here at all. Call that what you wish because everybody is entitled to an opinion, but you can’t say or show that we are them or that they are us. The Noonebu Academy is not a race-first institution, it is a mind-first institution because we know that people do not think with their skin because the skin has no cognitive functions. The Noonebu Academy is open to all people that are qualified regardless of what race they are. Nobody in the Negro-Nazi/RBG/Black Conscious community is qualified or can ever be qualified to be part of the Noonebu Academy.

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