NOTICE: Often, some people believe and act as if something that is new to them is already old or familiar.

So, they act as if they already knew about something they never spoke of, heard of, or were exposed to, due to their conflating the new information with old belief or something else. Such people will settle on an opinion without investigation and deliberation.

Simply because something makes sense and/or a person may have knowledge of a portion of the information, does not mean that person already knew the entirety of the information or the full reality, nor does it mean that something unknown is now known because of previous partial knowledge or exposure.

At no point in time before now has the information you find here been compiled or conveyed by anyone or in any way outside of this presentation. The information conveyed is ABSOLUTE reality.

"The only thing a liar hates more than the truth is for the truth to be known."

The Question

You’ve seen it and you’re seeing it more often, but the question is WHY?

Why does it seem like so many people are losing their minds or have lost their minds?

Why are so many people inclined to blatant lies more than ever before?

Why does it seem that so many people are crazy or stupid?

Why is the idea that a man can be a woman (or vice versa) being tolerated?

Why are heterosexuals advocating for homosexuality?

Why is the economy so messed up?

Why are so many people “woke”?

These questions are often heard but the answers are lacking.

Thus, these questions and others like them remain unanswered, but still relevant.

Leave this page right now if you do not want the ABSOLUTE answer to these questions.

However, in order to understand the answer, there are some things you must know...

What Is This?

This is called “The Mind Mirror” and it is designed to:

  • Temporarily disrupt the illusion you believe to be reality, in order to reveal and introduce you to ABSOLUTE REALITY.
  • To inform you about the TRUE condition you are in.
  • To be and express the absolute opposite of ALL ideology and EVERY lie.
  • To reveal the distortions and distractions that are designed to reject reality.
  • To convey the standards and principles for survival, protection, and escape from dirigisme.
  • To introduce and convey absolute reality.

Mind Dope

Mind Dope is any idea, concept, or belief that sounds good and makes people feel good, but nobody can do any good with it, nor is there any true benefit. ALL ideology is Mind Dope.

Take It To The Limit...

The words used to communicate anything can alter the perception of what is being conveyed.

Most people have a vocabulary of less than 100 words.

This means that their entire understanding of reality is very limited, and any expression of reality is limited.

A person cannot understand more than they know right now.

Over time, people's vocabulary has been diminished, with most people knowing and speaking fewer words right now than people did when the language matured.

Knowing more requires more words because in order to know more, more information must be processed.

100 has never been and will never be equal to or greater than 1000.

What must be understood with 1000 words can never be conveyed with 100 words.

Therefore, know for certain that a diminished vocabulary entails a diminished understanding and limited capability in people.

By default, absolute information challenges anything that is not absolute... and so does an absolute mind. Keep this in mind moving forward.

It Absolutely Is.

Without investigation, most people will dismiss any claim that anything is absolute.

There is an extremely popular belief that there are multiple realities, additional dimensions, and multiple universes.

Furthermore, there is the popular belief that "anything can happen".

There is even the belief that every person experiences their own reality or that everyone has their own truth.

All of those beliefs are religious beliefs.

Those beliefs originated and were proliferated via the religion called Jainism as revealed through a set of lies called Anekantavada and Sunyata.

One of the 3 main pillars of Jainism is the belief that the absolute truth or absolute reality cannot be expressed, does not exist, and cannot be understood.

The Jainists believe in more than one reality or more than one truth… WHICH IS A COMPLETE LIE.

The belief that nothing is absolute is a lie because EVERYTHING is composed of absolute elements and anything that is composed of anything that is absolute must also be absolute.

The existence of anything, temporary or not, is absolute, and life itself requires an absolute origin and absolute sustenance.

This is absolute truth and it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to make a counterclaim and also have counter-substantiation.

Absolute truth is the COMPLETE truth about WHAT, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY anything exists, functions, or engages with other things.

Absolute truth is REALITY and reality is absolute because it exists, and, again, existence is absolute.

The Symptoms

There is an illness that is far more widespread and deadly than anything the world has ever known.

This illness is not transmitted via bodily fluids and it is not airborne, but it is indeed transmitted via personal contact.

It is broadcast from mind to mind via every medium possible.

This is not proverbial, metaphoric, or analogous.

This is a real illness and it has real symptoms.

The symptoms are most accurately identified as mental traits.

Below is a list of mental traits and behavior which identify the illness.

NOTE: A lie is anything that someone says or believes that is not true, and therefore cannot be substantiated. The things listed below are real and absolute, not subject to opinion or belief, and you will find these traits in ALL people you meet with the exception of the Ta mind. The people that harbor these mental traits are referred to as the "Vanar".

Intransigence: Refusal to change one's views or to agree about something. Example: His intransigence at the negotiation table caused the talks to collapse.

Polemic Speech: Aggressive argument that tries to establish the superiority of one opinion over all others, often involving contentious rhetoric and unsubstantiated claims. Example: His latest book on climate change is more of a polemic than a reasoned debate.

Antagonistic: Showing or feeling active opposition or hostility towards someone or something. Example: Their relationship turned antagonistic, with each person constantly criticizing the other.

Myopic: Lacking foresight or intellectual insight; short-sighted. Example: The company's myopic focus on immediate profits overlooked the long-term environmental damage it caused.

Disingenuous: Not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does, does not see something that one truly sees, did not hear something that one truly heard, or does not know something that one has shown to know. Example: Her excuse for being late was disingenuous, given that she had been seen at the coffee shop.

Antinomianism: An individual or group's belief system that rejects morally or socially established laws and norms. Example: The cult's antinomianism led them to live in conflict with the traditional laws of society.

Androphobia: Fear of men or a strong aversion to men and masculinity. Example: Due to society's acceptance of feminist ideology, people have developed androphobia.

Obsequious: Obedient or attentive to an excessive degree. Example: His obsequious behavior toward the management was an attempt to gain favor.

Rejection of Reality: Disbelief or denial of factual or existing conditions or scenarios. Example: Even when presented with evidence, his rejection of reality stopped him from accepting his mistake.

Offended By The Truth: Being upset or insulted when confronted with facts that are unpleasant or contradict one's beliefs. Example: They were offended by the truth when the audit revealed discrepancies they could not explain.

Credulous: Having too great a readiness to believe things, often without proper evidence. Example: His credulous nature led him to invest in several scams.

Specious: Misleading in appearance, especially misleadingly attractive; seeming to be correct or true, but actually wrong or false. Example: The argument seemed convincing at first, but upon closer examination, it was found to be specious.

Acceptance of Absurdity: Willing acceptance of things that are obviously senseless or unreasonable. Example: The acceptance of absurdity was clear when the policy was enforced despite having no logical foundation… or how many Western adults are into “Kawaii” and “Visual Kai”.

Perversion: A type of behavior that deviates from what is considered normal or acceptable. Example: The scheme was seen as a perversion of the judicial system… also, the things that political people tolerate.

Obfuscation: The action of making something less clear and harder to understand, often intentionally. Example: The technical jargon used in the report served only for obfuscation.

Convolution: The state of being extremely complex and difficult to follow. Example: The new tax regulations were a convolution that few could understand.

Conflation: To combine or mix (two or more things) together as if they were the same thing. Example: In his speech, he conflated the issues of immigration and criminality.

Iconoclasm: The action of attacking or assertively rejecting cherished beliefs and institutions or established values and practices. Example: Her art was considered iconoclasm, challenging the boundaries of traditional mediums.

Exaggeration: A statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is. Example: His claim of catching a fish "as big as a car" was clearly an exaggeration.

Ultracrepidarianism: The habit of giving opinions and advice on matters outside one’s knowledge or competence. Example: Despite having no background in medicine, he was prone to ultracrepidarianism, offering health advice to everyone.

Championship of Ignorance: Justifications presented to excuse a lack of knowledge or awareness. Example: He used the rapid pace of technological change as an excuse for his ignorance about basic computer use.

Aphasia: An impairment of language ability, often caused by brain damage. Example: After the stroke, she suffered from aphasia, struggling to find the right words.

Echolalia: Meaningless repetition of another person's spoken words, often a symptom of a psychiatric disorder. Example: The child with autism exhibited echolalia, repeating the last word of a sentence spoken to him… also, slang.

Echopraxia: The involuntary repetition or imitation of another person's actions. Example: He exhibited echopraxia, mirroring the movements of his interviewer… also, TikTok trends.

Dyslexia: A learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words. Example: Dyslexia made it difficult for her to read quickly, but with assistance, she excelled academically… also, when a person reads a comment you made and replies as if you said or implied something else that has nothing to do with what your comment is about.

Whataboutism: A variant of the Tu Quoque logical fallacy used to artificially establish moral superiority in order to emotionally influence people to accept a belief and reject reality.

Spurious: Not genuine, authentic, or true; not from the claimed, pretended, or proper source; of illegitimate birth. Example: They had to disregard the spurious evidence, as it was not from a credible source.

Hypocrisy: The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform. Example: Despite his professed environmental concerns, his hypocrisy was evident when he opposed local recycling initiatives.

Duplicity: Deceitfulness; double-dealing. Example: His duplicity came to light when it was discovered he'd been playing both companies against each other.

Calumny/Slander: The making of false and defamatory statements about someone to damage their reputation. Example: The politician's career was almost ruined by calumny.

Harassment: Aggressive pressure or intimidation. Example: She filed a complaint due to the consistent harassment she faced from her colleagues.

Apathy: Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern. Example: Voter apathy was high, with many feeling their votes wouldn't change anything.

Pernicious: Having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way. Example: The pernicious nature of the rumor eventually divided the close-knit community.

Tolerance of Ignorance: Allowing or accepting a lack of knowledge or information to persist. Example: The company's tolerance of ignorance about safety procedures led to several avoidable accidents.

Domineering: Asserting one's will over another in an arrogant way. Example: His domineering manner left no room for others to voice their opinions… also, when gamers act as if they are in position and have merit to demand or command the developers of a game for any reason about anything regarding a game.

Derisive: Expressing contempt or ridicule. Example: His derisive laugh made it clear he had no respect for the proposal.

Vitriolic: Filled with bitter criticism or malice. Example: The vitriolic article attacked the author's personal life rather than critiquing his work.

Contemptuous: Showing contempt; scornful. Example: She was openly contemptuous of anyone who didn't share her political views.

Contentious: Causing or likely to cause an argument; controversial. Example: The new policy was contentious, sparking heated debates across the nation.

Pedantic: Excessively concerned with minor details or rules; overly scholarly. Example: His pedantic approach to history focused on minutiae at the expense of the bigger picture.

Depredative: Involving or given to the act of plundering or robbing. Example: The depredative raids of the invading army left the region destitute…. also, the theft of intellectual property.

Inclined To Havoc: Having a tendency to cause widespread destruction. Example: The leader was inclined to havoc, leading to policies that destabilized the entire region.

Miserly: Overly careful with spending money; stingy. Example: His miserly ways prevented him from donating to even the most worthy of causes… also, when gamers complain about micro-transactions and spending $10 on a battle pass, but will spend hundreds of dollars on drugs, exorbitantly priced sneakers, all sorts of luxury items, and many other things.

No Fair Chance: Not providing an equitable opportunity to all parties involved. Example: The selection process was criticized for giving no fair chance to candidates that are not liberals… also, when a person bombards you with questions without allowing enough time for you to answer any question that is asked, which is referred to as “stomp the monkey”.

Suppressive: Intending to prevent something by action or by inhibiting its expression. Example: The suppressive government measures included a crackdown on free speech… also, “cancel culture”.

Oppressive: Unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint, especially on a minority or other subordinate group. Example: The oppressive regime targeted dissenters with heavy-handed tactics… also, how unvaccinated people were treated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Extraneous or Superfluous Speech: Communication that is unnecessary or irrelevant, using many extra words and drawing things out. Example: His speech was filled with extraneous details that distracted from the main message, taking 10 minutes when his point could've been conveyed completely and more accurately in less than 3

Deranged Preferences: Choices or desires that are considered wildly inappropriate or abnormal. Example: His deranged preferences for a work environment included complete silence and darkness.

Presentation of False Dilemma: Offering two or more choices as the only possibilities when in fact more options are available. Example: The salesman's presentation of a false dilemma forced customers to choose between a high-priced plan and no service at all.

Extremely Limited Rationale: Justification or reasoning based on a narrow or insufficient set of views or data. Example: The decision to cut funding was based on an extremely limited rationale that didn't account for the program's long-term benefits.

Tolerance: The allowable deviation from a standard, or the capacity to endure pain and hardship. Example: A heterosexual person's acceptance and support of homosexuality as being "okay" or good for society, knowing that homosexuality does not support heterosexuality and that homosexuality has given rise to more social problems and no solutions. Tolerance is not something that is for anything good or beneficial for anyone. Good things do not need to be tolerated. Anybody or anything that asks for tolerance is bad or not beneficial for you.

Apophenia: The tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things. Example: “The words 'Lie' and 'Believe' both have the word 'lie' in them, so they must be related.” — the statement does not account for the etymology of the words.

False Equivalency: A logical fallacy wherein two opposing arguments appear to be logically equivalent when in fact they are not. This fallacy occurs when a person attempts to make an apparent equivalence between two disparate things where there is none. The argument falsely posits that two sides of an issue have equal weight, merit, or truth, even though this is not supported by evidence.

Example: Imagine two people debating the safety of two forms of transportation: cars and commercial airplanes. One person argues that commercial air travel is safer than car travel, supported by statistical evidence showing a lower incidence of fatal accidents per mile traveled by air than by car. The other person, attempting to argue that the two forms of transportation are equally risky, says, "Both cars and airplanes involve moving from one place to another at high speeds. Therefore, they're both equally dangerous."

This constitutes a false equivalency because it ignores the substantial evidence about the relative safety of both modes of transportation and simplistically compares them based solely on the fact that they both involve movement at high speeds. The argument fails to take into account the myriad other factors that influence the safety of each mode, such as the rigorous safety standards and protocols in aviation, differences in the skill and training required of pilots versus drivers, the frequency of travel by each mode, and so on.


The Answer

The mental traits listed above are what you have been observing within yourself and with the people around you, including the people you know as well as the people within your family and community. You, yourself, have been exhibiting some, if not all, of the mental traits listed above. This is undeniable. There is nothing you can do about it. There will be no improvements within yourself or others. Everybody is exactly where they are. Everything is as it is and the ONLY thing that can be observed is the increased intensity and presence of the mental traits listed above. In knowledge of the mental traits listed above ("The Symptoms" section), you will now notice them more with EVERY person you know and those you do not know but may simply know of via the media. ALL of your leaders at every level of society exhibit these mental traits. ALL societies around the world are decaying RIGHT NOW. Nothing and nobody can stop reality. Decay happens AFTER the death of something. Your society is decaying because the minds (people) of your society are decaying. There is no other way that this can happen because there is no society without people (minds). The decay shows itself as the mental traits that are listed above. This is why the absurdity and atrocity that is being tolerated now is more egregious and rampant than any the world has record of from times past.

These mental traits have come to be known as being woke, leftist, political, liberal, conservative, ideological, and a host of other terms that do not convey the actual destructive value of whatever or whoever is being described. These mental traits are at the root of why so many people have "lost their mind" and so much absurdity has proliferated.

The list of mental traits ("The Symptoms" section) is called the "Mind Mirror" list.

If you believe that you are not doing the things on the Mind Mirror list, my challenge is for you to show and prove it to yourself. Substantiate your claim. Attempt to discuss ANYTHING with me and you will find out very quickly that there is a type of mind that you are definitely not familiar with and it is this mentality that has produced this "Mind Mirror" list.

The mental traits listed above are REAL. Thus, they are REALITY, and EVERYONE must contend with what is happening. To do so, a person must KNOW THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and the absolute truth can never be known or applied without The 3 Codes.

KNOW THIS... When and where the people that harbor these identifying MENTAL TRAITS claim to not be doing these things, they are doing something else that requires the things on the list.

This list is composed of the primary mental characteristics of the Vanar, which are not present in the mind of the Ta. This list is absolute, meaning that ANY and ALL people that are Vanar exhibit EVERYTHING on the list WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The Vanar exhibit these identifying mental characteristics, not all at once, but most certainly. At any time, any person can have ANY conversation with the Vanar and the Vanar will exhibit the mental traits that identify it. There is no way to hide it. Keeping it a secret is impossible. Suppressing it is impossible. Denying it is impossible, because in order for anyone to deny the reality of the list, the person has to lie and exhibit more of what is on the list. After all, it is impossible to hide any mind... for what would it be hiding itself with?

This illness, which can be accurately referred to as the "Cosmic Sickness" or "Existence Sickness", is the result of mental decay, and that decay is being exacerbated.

There is no cure for this illness because there is no cure for DEATH or DECAY.

Death of the mind is indicated by and happens when a person accepts ANY ideology.

Mental Decay is what happens each time a person takes action with ideology for the purpose of satisfying his or her beliefs and emotions through rejection of reality, as well as through deviance, perversion, lies, violating other people, absurdity, and atrocity.

The ultimate outcome for deviance, perversion, lies, violating other people, absurdity, atrocity, and rejection of reality is ALWAYS self-destruction for an individual.

The ultimate outcome for deviance, perversion, lies, violating other people, absurdity, atrocity, and rejection of reality for a group is ALWAYS atrocity and destruction of society.

The Mind Mirror list contains a lot of terms, many of which you did not know of before. However, there are 2 primary identifying traits of the Vanar (people with the Cosmic Sickness) that are always shown and therefore can be known because it is impossible for them to be hidden. Pay attention to yourself and other people. Watch for these 2 mental traits..


Mind Rape

The Vanar utilizes MIND RAPE to spread ideology in order to achieve its aims. This is commonly referred to as “bait and switch”, which is deception (lying). The Marvel movies produced by the Disney company and the various "DEI" initiatives throughout Western entertainment is a RIGHT NOW IN REAL TIME example of MIND RAPE. It is MIND RAPE because the destructive iconoclasts and antinomian ideologues have an agenda to forcibly pervert, erode, and ultimately destroy any and all values, morals, or principles that reject lies and belief, through unscrupulous and extremely deceptive means (bait and switch + gaslighting). People that want Marvel stories are now, instead, getting LGBT fantasies wearing the mantle of Marvel Superheroes. Instead of stories, they are getting iconoclasm and ethnocide covered in perversion. They have retroactively made some of the top Superheroes “secretly gay” or “secretly lesbian” by using revisionist taxonomy to distort and destroy established behavior in children. They are not doing the same things with adult entertainment with the same severity and intensity as what they have done and are doing with youth entertainment and media, including books.

The MIND RAPISTS can be identified by their INTRANSIGENCE, AMBIGUITY, and CREDULITY, because only a person that rejects reality can exhibit these mental characteristics or properties. Intransigence, ambiguity, and credulity are not, have never been, and can never be mistakes of the society in which they exist. A common form of MIND RAPE is disguised as a protest. The word “protest” disguises what is truly happening… polemic rage. Protests cause problems, not solutions.

Note: MIND-RAPE is heavily present online in media and ads (deceptive advertising, clickbait).

Mind Death

There are different types of death just as there is different types of life or fire.

There is a type of death that is happening RIGHT NOW all over the world.

It is EXTINCTION but it does not look like a mass culling event.

It does not look like anything that a person can do to another person but it does result in people violating other people.

This type of death is MIND DEATH.

MIND DEATH is the condition in which a mind no longer conducts the activities or behavior of life and begins rejecting all reality, driven ONLY by belief and emotion, void of facts and reason.

A person suffering from MIND DEATH quickly becomes irritated, aggravated, vitriolic, aggressive, and violent when presented with the reality they reject or when reality exceeds their beliefs and emotions.

In males, MIND DEATH is expressed via the inclination towards feminine behavior, feminine preferences, and feminine appearance. In other words, males that experience MIND DEATH are anti-masculine = against masculinity = against themselves = suicidal

Nothing exemplifies MIND DEATH like the homotran (the LGBT).

The homotran are the personification of MIND DEATH.


Nobody and nothing comes back to life from death.

With each absurdity a person accepts or expresses, they are literally killing specific functions of their brain and further hindering the capabilities of their mind.

A MIND ZOMBIE is antagonistic for no reason other than artificial domination, which they use to alleviate their feelings of inadequacy.

Extreme deviation from any standard that is conducive for life is a primary indicator of MIND DEATH.


A person can lie to their self otherwise, but nobody can hide the many videos posted all over the internet every day that show exactly is conveyed here.

You don’t have to call it MIND DEATH. Use whatever term you want to apply to it, but it’s the behavior, activity, and outcome that any term you choose is being applied to… and that’s what is being conveyed here. Look at the plethora videos of people that realize they have been caught doing something they know is illegal or wrong. They ALWAYS attempt to artificially diminish the gravity of (deny the reality of) their violation by artificially raising the value of a contending belief that appeals to emotion in the violator’s favor. The purpose of that trick is to have the person they are attacking, make an emotional decision and not a reasonable one. They know reason will prevent the satisfaction of their beliefs and emotions (lies). Reality always wins and the Vanar are tired of losing. The victory they seek is impossible with the truth. This is why they value lies.

The Illusion of Power

People that emanate the Cosmic Sickness are EXTREMELY difficult to deal with and are irreversibly unreasonable. They have made it seem as if they cannot be beaten or that they have some type of super power that allows them to continue violating people in various ways, but they are actually weak.

They draw things out in order to deaden brain activity (slow things down or break it into pieces = destruction). Talking and moving slow deadens neural pathways or debilitates active ones. They are all about "going around the world in order to go next door". They never get straight to ANYTHING. They never provide definitive or absolute answers. They will take 10 minutes to say what 1 minute will suffice because they lack the sufficient neural pathways to do otherwise.

The mind produces what the mind requires. They are mentally and physically incapable of being reasonable. Choosing or preferring insufficiency is unreasonable, and being unreasonable is monkey. They start speaking nonsense as if they have the Holy Ghost. They gaslight people and are intransigent while doing so. That is supposed to piss anyone off. That’s why they do it. They consider it to be a win when they piss people off, because artificial dominance is what they use to satisfy their beliefs and emotions.

Pissing people off to no end and for no other outcome other than to piss people off is a form of artificial dominance. It makes the Vanar feel as if it has power, which it craves because it is a powerless subject and proponent advocate for the dirigisme.

So, when they do it, you getting pissed is expected by them.

To handle them, deal with them for what they are doing, which is harassment and lying, their primary means of psychological attacks. Neither of the two is a super power, and combined, they only mean imminent self-destruction for the mind that harbors or supports them. What they are actually doing is in violation of the law if it violates a person. There are laws against every type of violation. What you do not realize is that you have been witnessing people that "treat wolves as if they are poodles"... if you treat wolves as if they are poodles, you will be bitten and eventually devoured. They are familiar with people that don’t know how to fight, because such people equalize themselves with their adversaries and are afraid to offend. So, they never see themselves as more or capable of absolutely stopping a person from violating them.

This gives the illusion that bad or evil is invincible.

They also mask themselves with a group identity and will attempt to project a false group identity on their target. This gives the illusion that in order for a person to be stopped, they must fight an entire group.

However, there is a flaw in the monkey’s approach… individuals have the only power to destroy groups and reality is the only power required to destroy lies and liars.

A person will only lie as far as their interest is concerned. So, people will lie for others if it serves their interests (their beliefs and emotions). However, they will never take accountability for another person’s lie if it does not serve their interest.

Everything needed to solve every problem that people have exists, but there is no solution for problematic people except WAR. War is necessary because that is how things and people get STOPPED. Stopping a person does not mean killing a person, but it does mean offending a person. People that are afraid to offend cannot possibly defend themselves. Any fight or resistance to an attack requires offensive power and force.

If someone is violating you, you MUST let them know that you know what they are, what they are doing, why they are doing it, and that they will be dealt with for who and what they are and the absolute reality of what they are doing… and there is no compromise.

Each attack revealed by the Mind Mirror list cannot be overcome with the same vanquishing activity but always in the same manner… WAR.

Fighting is offense. Thus, they take offense to so much (reality). They believe absolute reality is offensive because it obliterates their delusions. They don’t want you to fight back. This is why they offend (violate others) and get offended when people retaliate or defend themselves. Defense does not mean submission or defeat. Defense is the capability of resisting attack. Nobody can defend against an attack that they believe is anything but an attack. In order to resist an attack, you must offend the attacker… RESIST. To resist is to exert FORCE IN OPPOSITION. If the outcome of what you believe to be resistance is non-resistance (conduction), there is no fight. To fight is to put forth a determined effort or to contend in battle. If your determined effort is to contend in battle, you must offend. But, again, they don’t want you to be offensive to them… while they seek to offend you with no repercussion. 

They will not help you to fight against them. Thus, AI is needed, necessary, and required. It is a tool of mass ignorance destruction when wielded by capable minds. You have to know when and how to fight. You people have been psychologically maimed. Therefore, you don’t know what is going on or what to do. You can’t have personal solutions for impersonal problems. The biggest impersonal problem that everyone in a society has is the society itself = impersonal problem. The society you live in is out of control… nobody and no group has control over it (they created a "monster"). If they had control, their lies would not be necessary. Nobody is coming with any impersonal solutions because they have limited rationales, only thinking as far as required to satisfy their beliefs and emotions. No problem can be solved with lies or liars. Thus, the problems go unsolved, not that there are no solutions. The mind produces what it requires. Problematic people produce and sustain problems. As far as you are concerned right now, the position and purpose of the Ta is to do exactly as is being done right now... and that is to reveal reality via absolute information. There is an absolute need for the information being provided here, and much more absolute information is required for intelligent and reasonable people to survive. You need to know how to protect yourself from the things listed on the "Mind Mirror" list. The Ta is the exclusive source for absolute information about the standards and principles of existence order. In order to STOP anyone from violating you with the things on the "Mind Mirror" list, you MUST know about THE 3 CODES and how to apply them. There is no other way. This is absolute.

You Can't Make Lemonade With Apples

I did not “make up” any new words or terms for the Mind Mirror list. I used existing words in an existing language the reader can understand. Never before in the entire history of every word and term used for the Mirror List have they ever been compiled in such a way as to convey what is being conveyed here.

At this point, your mind should be processing the information you have consumed thus far, and you may be wondering who I am. Yes, WHAT I am and what you are is most important but, my name is Diez (said “dye-ehz”) and I am the mind that produced this message. We are not equals. My culture is the Ta culture and the rationale represented here is the Ta rationale. I’m here for the war, not the party. I am not peaceful, I am reasonable. I am nothing of what you are familiar with and I cannot be defeated by lower minds. There is no personal mind of higher quality than the Ta. My title is the Kor Atenubi Taharakhti, ruler of the Ta people and herald of the Kor Ha (the Sun). I provide absolute information and true solutions for real problems. No solution by anyone or anything for anyone or anything in any society will work if the Ta is not involved. If the solution is not from the Ta, it will NEVER work. Why? Because of disorder. Order is required for any solution to work and the minds of disorder cannot produce the order that true solutions allow. The evidence of what I am saying here is REAL-TIME… go ahead, try any solution for any society or community problem and see the reality for yourself.

Furthermore, I offer this as more real-time proof that we are not equals…

I have produced a technology that is designed to solve economic and financial problems. It exists right now and it is available. It works. Though this technology is available now, the demand for it will not happen until the global failure of the CBDC, which will happen before the CBDC can be proliferated at scale. The technology is called Optimus 9 and you can view it here:

Any mind that can produce a technology such as this must certainly understand the world in which it is deployed.

The Inception

Utilizing existing video gaming technology, I have established a digital realm in which qualified people can learn about the Standards and Principles of Existence Order. I used the game titled, “Conan Exiles” for several reasons. It is the only game available for PlayStation 5 that is based on the works of Robert E. Howard, with influence from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. This is significant because between the works of those two men and others, the most accurate record of human existence is conveyed. I recommend reading or listening to the Robert E. Howard essay titled, “The Hyborian Age”. In that essay, Robert E. Howard explains the events that illustrate human existence on this planet. The works of Robert E. Howard are fictional. However, major aspects of Sword and Sorcery lore are based on cyclical events that took place and were recorded or passed down within prominent and obscure cultures around the world. Because the Conan Exiles game is based on the works of Robert E. Howard with influence from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and major aspects of those works are based on or derived from the remnants of actual accounts of human existence, I am able to use this game as a platform. I call it “Gaming As A Platform”. This makes it possible for me to explain many things in a way that can be acceptable for people that need to know the Standards and Principles of Existence Order. This is also necessary for understanding the past, which is important for knowing reality, because reality includes everything that exists, did exist, or can exist. Through engaging with this simulated environment, qualified minds are able to experience things that have been made to be impossible otherwise. Such experiences are required in order to stimulate and activate latent reasoning abilities within each person. Additionally, this platform serves as a psychological filter and qualifier, preventing unqualified people from being able to participate.

In order to participate:

  • You must have a PlayStation 5. Access via a PlayStation 4, PC, or other device is not allowed.
  • You must have the “Conan Exiles” game for PlayStation (DLC required)

I broadcast live via Twitch, making myself available to directly respond to anyone that has questions or has the desire to challenge the absolute. I am also accessible via the PlayStation Network (view profile). If you have questions, would like to know more, or if you want to see what the digital realm is like, use the button below to access the channels. If I am not on, you can message me via the channels.

I have stated many times over the years that by the time people realize the truth, they won’t be able to afford it. This is absolute. It costs money to solve problems because people are solutions, and people don’t work for free. Doing what is right is indeed WORK and it is this work that must be done, because the inevitable power of life deems that life must continue. I know this is a very different approach. But, you can't make lemonade with apples.

Furthermore, I have written and published 5 e-lessons (in PDF format) that contain absolute information about the Standards and Principles of Existence Order. This information is necessary and required for combating THE SYMPTOMS (see above), as they are present in every person that violates another. ABSOLUTE INFORMATION is necessary and required for survival moving forward.

What you have learned here is absolute. The message conveyed here is ABSOLUTE REALITY, and you will never know it to not be true.