Authority is directly related to position. You can’t have authority without first being in the position to exercise that authority. You can’t excercise any authority that your position does not allow. To attempt otherwise is an attempt to defeat the natural laws of growth, balance and order. That would be a fight against nature and we all know that nothing wins a fight against nature. This is why it is impossible for a person to simply read a book on kung-fu and then proclaim their selves to be a kung-fu master. Nobody simply picks up a book, reads it and then proclaims to be what they read about. That is not reasonable. If you can comprehend that then you can also comprehend the fact that one cannot simply pick up our literature, read it and then proclaim to be a Noonebu. Just because you agree with something does not mean that is what you are. To allow self-proclamation without the facts to support the claim would be to tolerate ignorance. The tolerance of ignorance is a violation of natural and primary order. All cultures have structure, hierarchy and order. Noonebu culture is of no exception to that rule. The absence of structure, hierarchy and order is chaos…anarchy. Anarchy is not part of Noonebu culture. Sun cultures are monarchies…kingdoms. Our monarchies were patrilineal and not matrilineal. There is no evidence to support the contrary. Research that and you will find that is a fact…one that is overlooked and dismissed by proselytes. Proselytes live a belief based reality and will never do anything that is truly good for both their selves and their people. They never do anything positive of their own true culture because they observe the cultures of other people. Proselytes maintain toxic ideas such as “everybody is a king/queen or god/goddess”. That is a toxic idea because it gives the illusion that everybody is equal in position, capability, rank and authority. That idea is not one that is based on facts. There has never been a civilization, empire or culture that consists entirely of kings/queens and/or gods/goddesses. That idea is also incongruous with Noonebu philosophy and culture. It is time to put things in order.  The Noonebu community is growing. Intelligent people do intelligent things when presented with intelligent information. A fool will do the opposite. Fools are easily identified….they are the people that will reject any fact or set of facts in order to maintain their beliefs, theories, or opinions.

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