There is the popular notion or idea that all black people are the same and all black or African cultures are basically the same. This idea of biological and cultural indifference is upheld and perpetuated by many people, especially Black Americans or African-Americans. Though a lot of people subscribe to this idea, you are about to learn that the idea that all black/African people and cultures are the same is a lie.

We’ll start with the “all black people are the same” idea. There is something called a haplogroup. A haplogroup is a group of genes that are inherited from a single parent and it is also a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor. Haplogroups pertain to a single line of descent that can date back to thousands of years (Y-DNA and mtDNA). A haplogroup is what we call a bloodline. There are more that 70 different Y-DNA haplogroups in Sub-Sharan Africa alone. The facts about haplogroups alone prove that not all black people are biologically the same, yet there are people that wholeheartedly believe a lie that is the complete opposite of the truth. The word, “African” denotes a location, not a biological identity. It is a myth that all black people are biologically the same.

The idea that all black or African cultures are the same or basically the same is the other idea that is blanketed over black America and it too is upheld or perpetuated by a lot of people around the world. This idea is based on paralogy and is not rooted in reality. In Africa, there are over 3,000 tribes, over 2,000 languages and over 1,000 cultures…..and no, they all do not get along well with each other. There are still tribes and cultures that are undocumented in central Africa. There are simply no facts to support the idea that all black or African cultures are the same.

Consider the fact that though the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Indians are all Asian….nobody looks at them all as being the same people. You see the same thing reflected in throughout nature….there are apple trees but not all apple trees are the same. You get the picture. So, it is not difficult to understand or see the difference in haplogroups in the actual physical characteristics of various people. Black people are not all one and the same and neither are all white people or any other kind of people. When you choose to not deal with all of the facts, by default you choose to not deal with the whole of reality.

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