Quite often, people are inclined to paralogy. Paralogy is like trying to play a game of poker with only 30 cards and not a full deck. Yes, you can deal a set of cards to everybody but the whole game can never be played to its true potential due to the lack of the rest of the card deck. Paralogize means to reason falsely or to draw conclusions that are not warranted by the premises, evidence or facts. So, to illustrate this for you and make it as clear as possible, I’ll give examples that most people can relate to.

An example of paralogy is drawing a conclusion based solely on parallels, avoiding any and all other facts. Just because a lemon tree and an apple tree are both trees (physical parallels), they do not produce the same fruit (formulation difference) thus, when you plant the seed of each, neither can grow the other. The seeds of each can only bring forth more of the same for each fruit. This is a fact. You can see this paralogy (incorrect/incomplete/imbalanced reasoning) played out when people say things like, “Well, all black people are black. So, they are all the same” (which is false, see here). You can see this played out with notions or ideas like egalitarianism, which is the false idea that everybody is equal. No civilization, culture, or society has ever existed in which everybody was equal, yet so many people believe in that pipe dream.

It is a fact that all numbers are numbers, but not all numbers have the same value. We all know this. However, a person with a rationale that is inclined to paralogy would say that all numbers are the same simply because they are numbers. Such a person would ignore the fact that not all numbers have the same value for the sake of argument or they would ignore that fact in order to maintain their belief.

Do you understand now? Is it clear?

So, by these examples, you can see that:

  • the belief that all Black people are the same is paralogy
  • the belief that all White people are the same is paralogy
  • the belief that all Asian people are the same is paralogy
  • the belief that all people are the same is paralogy
  • the belief that all minds are the same is paralogy
  • the belief that all cultures are same is paralogy
  • egalitarianism is paralogy

Anytime that you draw a conclusion that is not based on all of the facts, you are paralogizing. I assert that Noonebu philosophy, science, and culture is distinctive and unique to itself in purpose and reason. If anyone attempts to say that Noonebu philosophy, culture, or science is the same as another science, culture, or philosophy then that person is attempting to assert their own ignorance in the form of paralogy. Why or how? Because, that person is not accounting for the fact that Noonebu culture, philosophy, and science have a distinct origin and produce different results than other cultures, philosophies, or sciences. Remember, ACTIONS speak louder than words.

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