This insight is about what is called the Akhnu, Akhzu, and Akhnuzu in the Takanu science. This Noonebu concept has no comparable counterpart in any other culture, philosophy, or science. Because this is a new concept to anyone that is consuming this content for the first time, I’ll begin by stating that it is purely factual. None of what you are about to learn is speculation. Nothing of what you are about to be exposed to is mystical or mysterious. None of it is belief, theory, or opinion. This is purely an observable and empirical fact. It is reality. If at any point you find that you do not agree with the reality and facts presented, stop reading because this is not meant for you.

There exists what can be correctly identified as mental beings, mental entities, or mental life. There are beings or entities that are composed entirely of what people call mind or mentality. Others refer to it as pure energy. I stated before that this is an empirical fact and I will substantiate and quantify that assertion and claim. Valid claims require facts. So, we will deal only with the facts.

Now, regardless of whatever you or other people may think or believe that mind or mentality is composed of, we can all agree that mind or mentality is a reality because we all have it. Evidence of that fact is our sentience, consciousness, and abilities to consume and transmit information for the purpose of survival. Sentience, consciousness, and abilities to consume and transmit information for the purpose of survival are also characteristics and properties of life and living beings as well as indications that thinking and reasoning are taking place.

As we move forward, remember this fact: EVERYTHING is not limited to what you know or can know and includes all of what you don’t know or won’t know.

So, let’s start with something that you are familiar with.

I will give a realistic scenario that anyone can comprehend in order to convey some specific natural principles.

If you and I were to both drink a bottle of hard alcohol, we would both be drunk. If we are not passed out and could see each other, we’d be able to tell that each of us is under the influence of that alcohol. Yes, different people have different tolerances but imagine that this is Everclear alcohol. That shit will level the playing field for anybody and everybody. Alcohol is a physical substance that we can identify. We know the science behind how to make it and what makes people drunk from drinking it. We know the characteristics and properties of a person under the influence of alcohol regardless of what language they speak or what their culture is. None of that would be a mystery for most people. Alcohol is something physical that can have a mental effect.

It is a fact that something physical can have mental effects and it is no mystery that mental things can also have mental effects. For example, religion is purely philosophy and culture. Philosophy and culture are things that are purely mental or exist only in the mind. Everything about philosophy and culture starts in people’s minds first. People can have religious beliefs but religious beliefs are purely mental and are proven to exist only in the minds of people. There are no units of measure for belief or faith because there is no unit of measure for what a mind is. Faith and belief are functions of a mind. What you call the soul, spirit, personality, heart, or emotion is actually and purely mental in nature. These things are all functions, characteristics, and properties of a mind. Religion, culture, and philosophy are passed from mind to mind via various means such as books or word of mouth and so are beliefs and faith.

If we both observe a religious Christian person, two different people in different parts of the world that never met each other, and we observed them at their church or asked them what they think or feel about their religion, their answers would be the same if not similar. If their religion or god was insulted, their emotions would be the same or similar. However, where we can identify the how, what, and why of effects of alcohol on people, to say that religion is the reason for people being religious does not accurately identify the cause because again, religion is a product of culture and philosophy, and culture and philosophy are mental things/ideas/concepts or things that exist in the minds of people. As the science and composition of alcohol is known, the science of the source of the perpetuity of religion is not known.

So, the elephant in the room question is this:

What is the identity of the driving natural forces behind cultures and philosophies?

To get the most accurate answer possible that yields the greatest understanding and true benefit, we have to deal with all of the facts.

So, before we answer that question, there are facts about culture and philosophy that must be brought forth.

Culture and philosophy:

  • can span hundreds or thousands of years
  • are transmitted mind to mind
  • are transmitted from generation to generation
  • changes over time
  • can die out
  • can be created
  • exist for the purpose of survival
  • are purely mental or exist only in the mind

Again, a characteristic and property of life and living is consciousness. Anything that exists in any mental form requires consciousness. Communication requires consciousness. Transmitting information requires consciousness. Retaining information requires consciousness. Recalling information requires consciousness. Only life can produce or reproduce life and therefore only consciousness can produce or reproduce consciousness. You do not find consciousness and life separate from each other because they are both the same thing.

Mind or mentality is immaterial.

Consciousness is immaterial.

Mentality or conscious is never found without a body of some sort or form.

Life requires the material and immaterial.

Life requires minds and minds require bodies.

You won’t find one without the other.

Mental beings are too large for one person or one brain. Mental beings can exist in any mental form necessary for their survival. Culture and philosophy are 2 of the forms that mental beings are able to exist in. Mental beings are the impetus and driving forces behind culture and philosophy. Culture and philosophy are how they exist, grow, and proliferate. Other mental forms that these beings exist in include ideas, thoughts, feelings/emotions, preferences, inspirations, rationales, motivations, concepts, and anything that a mind or brain can do or be.

These mental beings are purely mental and therefore do not have physical bodies but as I stated before, all minds require bodies and you do not find one without the other. Thus, the reason why humans or people, animals, and all other forms of life exist. As taught in Takanu science, all matter is brain and therefore these minds exist in all matter, animate and inanimate.

The Akhnu, Akhzu, and Akhnuzu are the 3 great mental existences of absolute nature.

The words are plural in meaning, description, identity, and purpose.

The Akhnu have positive polarity.

The Akhzu have negative polarity.

The Akhnuzu have neutral polarity.

These are the 3 great mental beings, entities, or controllers that have no limitation on creation or destruction and they exist eternally. All minds emanate from these in various formulations. Everything in existence that has positive polarity or nature is the Akhnu. Everything in existence that has negative polarity or nature is the Akhzu. Everything in existence that has neutral polarity or nature is the Akhnuzu. Collectively, these are called the “Akhnuz” in the Takanu science.

The Akhnuz are the driving natural forces behind all cultures and philosophies, to varying degrees and potencies or formulations. They control everything. These are not gods, these are minds much like the ones everyone is familiar with but they are as powerful as anything can possibly be. They play a role in everything that we know or can be known. Everything begins and ends with, through, by, of, and for the existence of these minds. None of this is to say that people are automatons or that nobody makes any true decisions. As taught in Takanu science, humans, being activators in nature, have activation powers which are called the NooZooN in Takanu science.

The Aknuz are the mind of nature and the numen of all life, places, times, and things. All consciousness stems from these. Existing in various potencies and forms, the Aknuz produce and reproduce all possible forms of themselves. These forms are the foundational order and natural hierarchy of all things in nature.

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