I assert that there will be no new narratives concerning the composition of nature, introduced or presented by Eurocentric academia or philosophy. The empirical substantiation of this is the fact that you will not find any or be able to show otherwise. Anything that others can prove to be known about absolute nature has been exhausted. The scientists, anthropologists, biologists, theologists, and all others have exhausted themselves. Contrary to popular belief, there are only so many lies that can be told and the same lies can’t be recycled forever. Nothing lasts forever…that includes lies and the capabilities to lie.

Every major idea or concept that most people maintain concerning absolute nature is rooted in theory or conjecture which are forms of belief, not knowledge. Belief is not knowledge. You can have knowledge of a belief but a belief is not knowledge. Every established definition of the word “knowledge” in the English language is based on facts. Beliefs are not based on a complete set of facts and ascending reason. Beliefs are the product of ignorance. A belief is a truth only for a fool or idiot because fools and idiots do not consider all of the facts. Facts represent reality. To reject, dismiss, overlook, or diminish any fact is to reject, dismiss, overlook, or diminish reality. Only a fool or idiot would do that. I assure you that I am no fool or idiot in asserting any substantiated claim that I present.

Any “new” substantive (proven/substantiated/quantified) narratives concerning the origins and functions as well as the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature that are to be introduced from this point forward into the foreseeable future will be so exclusively via the Noonebu Academy. That is a bold claim which is perpetually substantiated by the information and resources that are provided via the Noonebu Academy.

The true value of any information or knowledge is measured by its application and benefit. If you cannot use information or knowledge then it is useless. Information or knowledge is not beneficial if you cannot use it for your benefit. The Noonebu Academy does not provide or convey useless, non-beneficial information or knowledge.

The narratives concerning absolute nature presented by the Noonebu Academy are not borrowed, stolen, translated, or syncretized from anything else. Noonebu narratives are inclusive of all relevant and pertinent facts concerning absolute nature.

If your culture or philosophy is not helping you to put food on your table and money in your bank account, you have a problem. If your culture or philosophy is serving others better than it serves you, you have a problem. If your culture or philosophy does not substantiate and quantify its claims, you have a problem. The Noonebu Academy has a solution.

Certainly, the Noonebu Academy has not caused any of the problems that you have or know of. That is a fact. Remember, the true value of any information or knowledge is measured by its application and benefit. You can identify the purpose of anything by observing its effects in its environment. Purpose is something that cannot ever be hidden. Nothing is exempt from being subject to the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. Neither is the Noonebu Academy.

The more you know about something, the better you are able to deal with it. The more you know about the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature, the better you are able to deal with nature, function in it, move in it and with it, grow and prosper in it, and live in it. Simply having an ability is not an expression or indication of capability or opportunity because the composition of something is also a reality. All facts about these are valid and applicable. Therefore, this not to say that the more you know, the better you will be. It is to say the more you know the better you are capable of being. Knowing more or less than someone else does not make anyone better or worse by default.

Make no mistake…this is not an invitation for you join the Noonebu Academy. It is a call for you try everything and anything else before ever considering the Noonebu Academy because if you join the Noonebu Academy you will be exposed to all of the facts concerning the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature that can be known and applied. This is not something that is for everyone and most likely, this is not for you because most people are looking for something other than what the Noonebu Academy is. Less than 1% of the people that read this (much smaller than 1% of the world) will qualify to maintain a membership at the Noonebu Academy. That small percentage is the focus of the Noonebu Academy. When intelligent people are exposed to intelligent information, they take intelligent actions. Ignorant people will do the opposite.

The purpose of this article is to reinforce a distinction between the knowledge taught in the Noonebu Academy and the knowledge taught by other institutions.

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