Nobody alive today is responsible for the racism of 200 years ago. No racist person from 200 years ago is alive today. So, ask yourself….what has perpetuated the racism of 200 years ago into the present? The answer to that is simple….the culture that maintained racism of 200 years ago is the same culture that maintains racism today. That culture is the dominating culture. The dominating culture is European/Western culture….the same culture that produced the concept of race and racism, yet nobody sees racism as a “contribution” of European/Western culture but  historical record shows this. There are people that will argue whether or not Black people can be racist. Anybody can be racist but Black people are in no position to enforce economic or social racism. Black people have never instituted racism on a social or national level. Black people did not introduce racism. Black people are not keeping white people from getting jobs. Black people are instituting jim crow laws or black codes for white people. Black people are not segregating society (separate but equal). Black people did not do these things and they are in no position to do these things. So, yes..anybody can be racist but only the dominating culture (European/Western/American) has been able to institutionalize it and make an entire people subject to it worldwide. That is a fact….think about it.

Most people have not heard of the following:

Dum Diversas –

Romanus Pontifex –

Inter Caetera –

Dudum Siquidem –

These are part of what are called the, “Bulls of Donation”. The Bulls of Donation are a set of papal bulls based on the prejudice, discrimination and racism of European people against all darker peoples of the world. These papal bulls were also the basis for European imperialism. The Bulls of Donation gave Europeans “permission” from the Pope/Vatican to enslave, overthrow and subdue the lands and resources of anybody that is not European and Christian any where in the world. The Bulls of Donation was the European justification for enslaving people of darker races into perpetual servitude. This is how they deployed racism worldwide. Racism is actually a part of European culture. Racism is a part of the foundation of European culture in dealing with other people and cultures on this planet and this is true even at the roots of ancient greek culture.

Europeans have historically done 5 things every time that they have come in contact with other people and cultures outside of Europe. They have done this with zero exception or compromise:

1. Contact, conquer, colonize

2. Deploy missionaries to supplant Caucasian/European reasoning

3. Invalidate the indigenous culture with their religion (their culture, philosophy and rationale)

4. Deprive the region of its resources to establish an economic stronghold

5. Mix in with the indigenous people to lay claim to their heritage in the future

So, ask yourself….how much do you truly know about racism and the philosophy or rationale that produced and perpetuates it?

This is what the US Congress knows about it: Click here to view H. Res. 194 (110th Congress)

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