Syncretism is defined as the combination of different forms and often opposing forms of belief.

Imagine a sports fan dressed in a Chicago Bulls t-shirt, a Phoenix Suns hat, a pair of New York Knicks sunglasses, a pair of Miami Heat shorts, Boston Celtics socks, and LA Lakers shoes. Which team is the person about? If a person is a fan for all of the teams then that person does not fit the definition of a fan for any single team in particular.

Now, the teams represent philosophies from various cultures. The clothing represents the concepts, ideas, and beliefs from the philosophies of various cultures. The person represents the person’s mind. Which specific culture does that person represent? None of them. Why? Because any portion does not represent the whole.

What I have just described is the condition of the syncretist mentality.

Syncretist philosophies are parasitic. They take, borrow, steal, and absorb vital portions of any established philosophy from any culture. Then, they pervert the ideas and concepts they rob from established cultures, altering the ideas and concepts from their original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

Syncretism is not culture. It is iconoclastic in nature and obfuscates people’s minds. Syncretism is the science of confusion. Syncretists can never solve and have never solved any problems within the cultures that they steal from. Syncretists do not help the cultures that they steal from. Syncretists defile the cultures that they steal from. Syncretists misrepresent the cultures and philosophies that they steal from through misappropriation. Syncretists attempt to lead the narratives of the cultures and philosophies that they steal from. Syncretism is like a witch’s brew of ignorance because it has some of everything in it and it not good for anyone.

The syncretist mind harbors a thief’s mentality. In Noonebu-Ta culture, we consider syncretism to be thievery of the highest order because it is literally the robbery of culture. Due to the iconoclastic nature of syncretism, it is ethnocide. Syncretism assumes that everything, all cultures, and philosophies are already created which is basically saying that humans have exhausted themselves of creativity forever. In actuality, it is the syncretist mentality that is void of true creativity because syncretists siphon the creativity or products of other minds or people. Syncretists attempt to justify their thievery by proclaiming that “god” is too big to fit into any single religion without being able first being able to substantiate and quantify the existence of any god.

The Noonebu-Ta culture and philosophy does not take, borrow, steal, or absorb any portion or aspect of any other culture or philosophy. We are not syncretists. We abhor syncretism. Our narratives are our own. Our philosophy is our own. Our culture is a true culture which means that it is a culture that is not influenced or controlled by other cultures. The foundation of Noonebu-Ta culture and philosophy are the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature because knowledge of these is the only blueprint for true culture. The more you know about reality, the better you are able to deal with it. If you know better, you can do better. Growth and progress can only be the result of a condition that is conducive and balanced in accordance with the laws, order, and principles of nature. Dismissing, overlooking, ignoring, and not dealing only with facts or all pertinent facts is choosing to not deal with reality because facts represent reality. Beliefs, theories, assumptions, and conjecture do not represent reality. Pseudoscience and pseudohistory are not reality. Any claim that is made must be substantiated and quantified in order to be validated and known to be true. The proof is required. Anything that is taught in the Noonebu Academy is substantiated and quantified because we know that lies, beliefs, theories, assumptions, and conjecture are the tools of ignorance, idiots, and fools.

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