Problems are solved by properly identifying the point of imbalance, then activating the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature in order to establish balance. Nature is always working to maintain balance (order). Without balance or equilibrium, there can be no growth. Without growth, there cannot be change thus only be death can occur. As long as there is sufficient balance there can be life. Without sufficient balance or imbalance, things cannot properly grow or develop.

The Takanu is about activating the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature in order to establish balance for the purpose of survival, growth, and perpetuity. It is the core of Noonebu culture.

If you want to know the true extent of a person’s rationale, look for where they are least able to maintain balance in their activities or solve their problems. A person’s rationale can be no better than their ability to solve problems. Yes, this means that it is indeed possible to measure or quantify a person’s rationale. It’s called purpose and a person’s purpose can only be positive, neutral, or negative overall. Because of this, you can value a person’s rationale or mentality according to how positive, neutral, or negative the person’s words and activities are. In other words, you can know the purpose of anything by observing its overall effect in its environment.

The Takanu utilizes mental powers to activate balance where and when other mental powers have activated imbalance. Therefore, learning, practicing, or applying advanced knowledge of the Takanu requires the activation of balance within the mind of the practitioner first. This is why Noonebu Academy lessons and resources are necessary. Other cultures and philosophies cannot produce what is produced by the Noonebu Academy because the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature determine that all formulations and compositions are not equal. Thus, the minds that produced and maintain the prevailing cultures and philosophies of the world today are not qualified to produce any more or less than what they are already known to be. In other words, you cannot make lemonade with apples no matter what you believe or how hard you try. No matter how much you put your mind or any number of minds to it, you will never do it. A lemon tree does not require anything from an apple tree in order to survive, grow, and be what it is. Likewise, and due to the same natural principles involved, the Noonebu Academy does not require other cultures and philosophies in order to survive, grow, and be what it is.

The Takanu science is practical, useful, beneficial, sufficient, and required for anyone that is seeking results, answers, guidance, and experiences that all other cultures and philosophies cannot provide. The Takanu would not be distinctly a product of Noonebu-Ta rationale, culture, and philosophy if the same things or information could be found in another culture or philosophy. Therefore, to learn the Takanu science you must register at the Noonebu Academy and in order to do that, you must qualify.

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