Noonebu philosophy, science, or culture is different from the various others in many ways. Ours is not born of, from, or through any other. Ours does not rely or depend on the foundations of any other cultures. We do not borrow or steal ideas and claim that they are our own. We do not syncretize. The primary difference between the various cultures of the world is their rationale as well as how, when, and where they agree or disagree with the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. One of the primary things that distinguish Noonebu rationale from others is that it considers all facts with reason in accordance with the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. We do not have a belief system because we only deal with facts. We do not believe in an afterlife. We don’t pray to gods or devils. We don’t subscribe to a god/devil dichotomy. We don’t have religion in any aspect, way, form, or fashion. Altruism is not part of our philosophy. Our narratives are not those of any others. We don’t claim any other established culture in the past or present. We don’t believe in aliens coming here from other planets. We don’t have holy or sacred books. We don’t subscribe to the idea of egalitarianism. We don’t meditate. We don’t have myths and legends. We’re not vegan or vegetarians. We don’t debate. We don’t have children before legacies are established. We apply reason instead of belief. We do not attempt to bring the past forward into the present or future. No other cultures can make these claims.

To further set the divide, I’ll provide some insight into what our heritage is like and some ways that it differs from others. In our society, a king is who does (not can do or will do) the best and most for their self, our culture, people, and resources and no….we do not have a king yet and have not had one for a long time. The societies of our ancestors didn’t need prisons or jails because of the 3 Choices System. This system was applied at every level of the social hierarchy. The 3 choices system was brilliant in that it enforced both order and reward for everyone no matter what a person’s hierarchical position is. There was no poverty because anything that produced or caused poverty would merit the highest of the 3 choices. Anything that would intentionally bring harm to yourself, your people, and your culture would merit the highest level of the 3 choices system. If a person brought dishonor or disrespect to himself, his people, or his culture, that person would be made to pay for it commercially. However, the commercial gain was for himself, his people, and his culture, rather than the person’s loss. If the person failed to do this in the allotted time, the person would receive the highest of the 3 choices. Nobody wanted or wants the highest of the 3 choices. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 3 CHOICES SYSTEM

You can know a tree by the fruit that it produces and not all trees are the same. Some people may try to associate Noonebu philosophy, science, culture with those of others by focusing on a few natural parallels and not the whole thing. For example, a person may say, “Well, that sounds like something else I’ve heard before”. To any such statements, I say that nobody owns a fact or a natural observation. Because of that fact, a person can hear or learn about facts from anywhere. The Noonebu mind is not the only mind that can perceive the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature, all of which are facts. If you can find one or a few similarities between any number of things, the similarities or parallels alone do not define the whole of each thing that is being compared. For example, an apple tree and a lemon tree are both trees, they both have leaves, they both have roots, and they both produce fruit. So, we can call them both fruit trees. However, they do not both produce the same fruit because they do not have the same formulation. Therefore, they are ultimately not the same. Thus, you know a tree by the fruit that it produces. Noonebu information does not produce the same results as the information, ideas, notions, and beliefs of others. The Noonebu rationale is unique to itself and distinctive. The Noonebu community does not require or need the information, support, or assistance from other cultures in order to exist, grow, and thrive on its own.

You know a Noonebu by his or her actions, lifestyle, and decorum. Noonebu information promises two things which are cultural liberation and economic well-being. Neither of the two can be feigned in any way. Actions speak louder than words. A culture is designed to benefit it’s people the best and most in an environment where his or her culture is dominant. If a person says that they know our science, that person must be able to show it. If a person says that they know our philosophy, that person must be able to show it. If a person says that they know our culture, they must be living it. Facts are the measure. Speculation, assumption, belief, theory, or opinion is not the measure because we only deal with facts. If the benefits cannot be measured, they don’t count.

Now, I’ll make something very clear. A person can believe that they are a Noonebu but no amount of belief has ever proven anything. A Noonebu is qualified, not self-identified. All verified members of the Noonebu Academy and community have a verified Noonebu Social Network profile. Verified profiles have a check mark next to their profile. This serves to eliminate any confusion about who is or who is not a Noonebu. If a person claims to be a member of the Noonebu Academy or community, they must be able to show their profile link. If such a person cannot show their verified profile link, then that person is most likely a fringe fanatic, a paralogist, or a syncretist pretending to be something that he or she is not.

To anyone that attempts to syncretize Noonebu philosophy, science, and culture with others and then claim that it is all the same, I have a question for you. At what point in time did Noonebu philosophy, science, and culture start being whatever you claim it is? Before 2008, there wasn’t anyone talking claiming to be a Noonebu. There was no Noonebu movement and none of the established narratives include those that you find here. You cannot make lemonade with apples regardless of what you do or believe. The minds that produced the various other philosophies are not qualified to produce, progress, or instruct Noonebu philosophy. Qualified to read does not mean qualified to lead. Fanatics and sensationalists cannot show the benefits of applying Noonebu philosophy, science, and culture.

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