People have demonized the word, “Elite” as it applies to people. The word elite is defined as successful and powerful or the best of something. Therein is the source of the social demonization of the word, “elite”. It means that not everybody is equal. It means that not everybody is “chosen” or powerful. It means that not everybody has the same chances. It means that not everybody was built or designed to do or be the same. It means that if you are not elite then somebody else is…a person or people with wealth and power, the ability to control and have a greater influence in an environment than those that are not elite. It means that somebody else is over or in control of those that are not elite. The word elite also describes anything that is better than or greater than its counterparts. For example, elite products or services.

Okay, enough about that. Now, that we have established the fact that certain people and things can be or are elite, let’s look at the idea or notion of everybody being the same or equal. Are you done yet? Great, then you can acknowledge that the idea of everybody being the same or equal has never been observed in reality at any time in the past or present. Now, that we have dismissed that nonsense for what it is, let’s discuss the word “hierarchy”. Hierarchy is the classification of a group of people according to their abilities, cognition, social position, professional standing, status or rank amongst many other things. It is a fact that the idea of everybody being equal or the same has never been observed in reality. It is also a fact that hierarchy has always been observed in reality. Hierarchy is at play in everybody’s daily lives and with everything. You must answer to somebody or something and are subordinate to somebody or something. This can be observed in every culture and amongst all life forms in nature.

Hierarchy is a constant reality in, of, by, and through nature. To deny that would be to deny reality. To demonize that is to demonize reality or nature itself. In doing so, you ignore, dismiss or are not conscious of the fact that the hierarchy of absolute nature is what stabilizes your being at every level of your existence. It is not reasonable to demonize hierarchy because it is disrespectful to the order, laws, and principles of nature. To demonize the elite of society is not observing primary natural order. To subscribe to or promote the idea that everybody is equal or the same is unreasonable and is indeed a lie.

In the Noonebu community, we observe the primary order, laws, and principles of absolute nature. In Noonebu culture, there is hierarchy just as there is and always has been in all cultures. The elite of the Noonebu community is those that have the highest quality of mind and abilities according to their design, form, function, and purpose. Purpose, is the reason why something exists, is done or used, and is not a hard find. The purpose of something is easily identified by its impact on its environment and the minds within that environment. That is something that cannot be faked or denied. You cannot hide the purpose of anything. Think about that.

To say that you are elite but are not is, of course, a lie but it is also disrespectful to the order, laws, and principles of absolute nature which are a clear indication of what we identify as “moon mind”. Such a mind would even believe that the moon could outshine the sun which is a completely ignorant concept and a lie. Anything or person that is elite, is so due to their natural design and this includes higher cognition. Yes, this also means that an elite person is indeed more intelligent than a person that is not elite. If somebody is elite….respect it, don’t reject it. Cooperate, don’t hate. If you are elite there is no question. If you are not elite, there is no question. People know their true positions by default even if they don’t want to admit it or accept it. Actions speak louder than words.

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