A condition is created, determined or controlled. Chance is not. Chance is what happens in the absence of control or determination. Life does not happen by chance, it happens under conditions. Those conditions are indeed a universal existence. Humans are a universal existence. Life is a universal existence. To assume that this planet is the only one with life on it would be to also assume that the conditions that produce life are unique to this planet and our star. Now, I am not saying that aliens are coming here from elsewhere. I am saying that life is a universal existence and it indeed must exist anywhere in the universe where the conditions that produce life occur and that life must be the same or similar being as the same or similar conditions are needed and required for life to develop. Movement in every direction is symbolized by a sphere. Energy can be directed or move in all directions. The energies that move in all directions contribute to the creation or production of life and matter by default. This is why so many things in nature take on the form of orbs (stars, planets, etc.) There is no such thing as a universe without control because the laws, principles, and order of nature are eternal and are by default the controls of, in, by and through nature.

Using universal laws a Noonebu should reason that if any planet existed with conditions suitable for human existence then the composition of the star within that solar system must be the same or similar to that of our own star (sun). If so, then that planet by nature could and would give birth to Ta kind. If Ta was first born on our planet earth then we would be the firstborn on any planet with the same or similar conditions. If you have never heard of this concept before then you should realize the concealing agenda within ufology after reading this. When you think about a human type of extra-terrestrial the dominating cultures make sure to plant the image of a European in your mind when obviously darker people would be first to develop on any earth type planet – if they claim that planet has the same or similar composition as our own earth and sun. The dominating rationales and cultures do not want people to realize that humans and life are a universal existence and therefore can be found throughout the universe whenever and wherever the conditions for life are suitable. Those conditions are not unique to this solar system. Is our star/sun the only one like itself in the universe? No. Are the planets in our solar system the only ones of their kind? No. Is the earth the only planet of its kind? No. So, why would life only exist here and not elsewhere? What is the basis for the common assumption if not arrogance and lack of reason? The entire extraterrestrial agenda serves as a distraction from the facts about absolute nature…like how it is impossible to travel from one galaxy or star to the next and still maintain the conditions needed for life to exist? An imbalanced rationale does not account for or consider the fact that the primary conditional component for life to exist is a star. If any living thing that a star is sustaining leaves that star’s presence, it would die because that life would be outside of or away from the condition or environment that sustains that life. Certainly, life on this planet did not develop without the Sun (star) and neither did any of the planets. Everything in this universe that we know of is based on star activity or star activity is at the root of it. Why wouldn’t life be considered part of that star activity when clearly it is? There is no life without stars. People that maintain and assert the intergalactic traveling alien belief agenda as fact are ignorant of the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. That is a correct judgment. People that assert the intergalactic traveling alien/UFO agenda seek to mentally subdue gullible people for monetary gain and to be in the “spotlight” by using logical fallacies, the Hegelian dialectic, and other means of mental sorcery. An indication of their intent their choice of entertainment mediums and platforms. These people are grandstanders, charlatans, and entertainers. Anybody that claims to use YouTube as their primary platform seeks to entertain. Anybody that is serious owns and controls their own resources whenever and wherever possible. That is control. Any mentality that supports or perpetuates the intergalactic traveling alien agenda are ignorant of the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature and the proof is that they won’t/can’t explain their claims without using logical fallacies.

In order to deal with something, you must know what you are dealing with. The Noonebu community does not engage in debates of any kind, including so-called “discussions” in which the other party seeks to assert beliefs of any kind through the use of logical fallacies. We only discuss what we know and the only things that can be truly known are facts.

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