Everything is nature which includes all “sides”. The difference for us is that we apply a balanced rationale to life and living…all for the primary and positive order of nature. Nature is with everybody but not all forces and energies in nature work with everybody to the same degree or in the same ways, capacities or formulas. Quite often people from all cultures subscribe to the view of nature being apart from or different from people and that people are not “nature” or that rationales and cultures are not “nature”. It’s not about being on a side. It is about knowing what is right and wrong by nature in accordance with PRIMARY/ORIGINAL order, laws and principles. This is why it is important for us to know at what point on the SMAT circle we are at….so that we know the energies, laws, principles and order/disorder that are in play and how it effects any people, culture or environment. So, it is not about a side….it is about HARMONY. You can only be harmonious by knowing what is right or wrong in, of, by, through and for nature universally. Harmony is all “sides” or aspects of nature working together in balance and in order.

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