There are three polarities in nature. Those polarities or existences are:

  • Positive
  • Neutral
  • Negative

No matter what anybody says or does, the overall outcome of any action, effect, or existence is either positive, neutral, or negative. The absolute purpose of anything is either positive, neutral, or negative. There are no other possible outcomes or yields. All things fit into only one of the three polarities or categories. Nothing can ultimately fit into more than one of them.

The purpose of anything can be determined by identifying the effect that something has on or in its environment. That effect is either positive, neutral, or negative. When you apply this principle to culture, we know that a culture can only be positive, neutral, or negative. Positive, neutral, and negative are scientific terms or words. So, to scientifically categorize any culture, we identify any culture as being either positive, neutral, or negative. This substantiates the Noonebu assertion that there are ultimately three types of cultures which are positive, neutral, and negative. To identify any culture as positive, neutral, or negative, you need only to see the absolute effect that a culture has on any environment and the minds or people within that environment. The absolute effect will be positive, neutral, or negative. So, there are positive cultures, neutral cultures, and negative cultures. There are positive minds, neutral minds, and negative minds. There is positive matter, neutral matter, and negative matter. There is positive energy, neutral energy, and negative energy. There are positive forces, neutral forces, and negative forces. Positive and negative are counterparts and/or opposites. There is no counterpart or opposite to neutral. Anything other than neutral is either positive or negative.

Because of these facts, we know:

  • The 3 polarities represent the 3 components of the universe which are space, matter, and time.
  • The 3 polarities are also the 3 purposes because purpose can only be positive, neutral, or negative.

The 3 polarities are represented throughout nature:

  • Past, Present, Future
  • Matter, Space, Time
  • Positive, Neutral, Negative
  • Conception, Life, Death
  • Stars, Moons, Planets
  • Solids, Gases, Liquids

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