Control of the historical records or narratives, politics, and application of law are means of warfare according to the established, recognized and current philosophies of war. Major media, including social media are cultural weapons. Everybody on Facebook right now is participating in a cultural war and you don’t even know it. Most people believe that war is waged with guns and bombs and that is because people are educated about most things in summary and not in detail. They say that the devil is in the details….right? War is fought in every facet of a society or civilization. Cultural dominance and the suppression of a people’s right to self-determination is an effect of warfare. These are things that warfare yields or imposes. There is such a thing as culture warfare and it is being waged on a daily basis in every facet of your daily life. It is fought with condemnation, disrespect, beliefs (absence or rejection of facts), ideologies, media, the internet, commerce, entertainment, social status or position and information. All of this requires marketing and marketing is communication. The success of a war rests on a foundation of communication. Knowing this, it should be no surprise that an effective war strategy includes highly effective marketing. It should also be no surprise that my primary business is a digital marketing business. You cannot fight a war without being able to fight (defend and offend). A proselyte fights on behalf of his master. A syncretist fights on behalf of his master. An ultracrepidarian wears a blindfold and binds his own hands in any fight. A Noonebu uses his knowledge of absolute nature and mind. If you are being economically and culturally beaten, subdued, or suppressed then you are losing the fight, the battle, and the war because you do not know how to survive and win. The more that you know about reality the better that you can deal with it. Nature allows the stronger to prey upon the weaker in any environment.

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