A lot of people demonize money, large sums of money, the accumulation of large sums of money, and people that are highly successful. This is common in American/European culture. It’s no secret that people demonize success, wealth, and power. That’s not something that you have to look hard to find. One of the primary reasons for this is the economic contrast and comparison the goes on in people’s minds by default. If you know someone with the wealth, power, and position that you want or desire, there is no denying that you and that person are not in the same economic position. Now, does this mean that the wealthier person is a better person than you are or more intelligent than you are? No. Not at all. It does mean that the wealthier person indeed has more than you do. By default, you automatically know that a wealthy person is, in fact, economically capable of doing more than you can in the present or near future. The perception that somebody else can do more than you can is intimidating to the average mind and it should be because there is no denying that people with money make the decisions that control your environment (politicians, companies, royals). There is no denying that the most powerful economic influencers amongst people are wealthy people or people with more money than most people have. That is a fact.

Companies make the biggest impact in communities. This includes every store, restaurant, service, or business that provides what people need to actually live. The electricity that is powering the device that you are reading this post on right now is made possible by wealthy and powerful people. Your internet connection is made possible by wealthy and powerful people. The water you drink is made available to you by wealthy and powerful people. The food you eat is made available to you by wealthy and powerful people. The biggest social, economic, medical, and environmental problems are also caused by wealthy and powerful people. If you have a job, your job is controlled by people that have more money than you do. Wealthy and powerful people determine what time most people get up in the morning or when they go to sleep. Wealth, power, and position are not bad things by default, yet the perception that these are bad is the default prejudice.

Before I continue, I want to point out a very important fact: Politicians cause problems and corporations solve problems. Think about that. Let that sink in. Now, moving forward, I want to point out another notion that most people are addicted to. That notion is the idea that “the best things in life are free”. Though that may sound nice to most people, it is a belief and not a fact. The best things in life actually cost money that most people don’t have. Well, what about your health and life or the people that love you, right? Surely those things don’t cost money, right? Wrong. You need food and food costs money. The amount of money you have determines the quality of the food you eat. The quality of the food you eat determines your health. Your health is what maintains your life. So, yes, money is needed to live. Money is needed for every aspect of a modern, balanced, and life perpetuating existence. The amount of money you have determines your quality of life. These are facts. Without money or the ability to make more money, you feel bad about yourself and the people that you “love” will not show you any love if you are broker than they are. That’s how it is and you know it. People don’t respect and listen to broke people. That shit only goes so far. Without money, you cannot be wealthy and without wealth, people will not listen to you for long if you cannot help them put food on their table. Of what use is any philosophy or knowledge if you can’t use it to actually improve your quality of life?

So, now, let’s get focused on the gist of the topic of this post which is indeed, money. There are a lot of things that separate humans from animals and the most unique of these things are the use of money or currency and commerce. Nothing else in existence does this. Therefore, one can correctly state that money is a human thing. Because we are all human, we all need a means of production and money. When you rob people of these things, you rob people of their humanity, by default. When my people were condemned to chattel slavery (unlike any other) in the United States of America, they were prevented from having money above all else and they were considered by the dominating culture at the time to be less than human. The two are not a coincidence. Have you ever seen or heard of a wealthy and powerful slave in America? There were no wealthy and powerful chattel slaves in America. It would be a fight against natural law and order to attempt to enslave a people with a means of production and wealth. At that point, it would be war, not slavery. Make no mistake, both wealth and power are needed. Without power, well, that’s how Africa ended up being the least developed continent on this planet. They have a lot of natural wealth but no liquid wealth and power. Because of this, they don’t even have control of their natural power. Thus, the corruption and problems that plague that entire continent.

Money is a representation of energy. Low money, low energy. High money, high energy. There is much more mental and physical activity (high energy) required for generating large amounts of money. Not as much mental and physical activity is required for small amounts of money. Get the picture? If you don’t have enough money, you are not doing enough of the right things to generate more money and by default, you are not exercising your humanity enough. Your energy is low. You may think or believe that it is high, however, your quality of life is a direct indication of how well you utilize your environment and knowledge to the best of your ability to transmute mental activity (energy) into money. Yes, that’s exactly what you are doing when you are making money. You are energy…mental energy, and if you are not transmuting your mental energy into a higher quality of life then somebody else is reaping your reward. That’s not to say that all wealthy and powerful people are taking from you. It’s saying that you are settling for less because you are unaware of information that wealthy and powerful people are aware of. If you were aware of these same things then you would be doing the things that are necessary for you to gain wealth, power, and position for yourself.

The Noonebu community is not stupid. We do not subscribe to or perpetuate altruism. Altruism is not part of our culture. We uphold the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. Altruism upsets the laws of reciprocation and balance which state that any exchange of energy must be compensated or balanced. If not, the channel or path for that exchange of energy is neutralized at the point of any imbalance. Because of this, the Noonebu community does not ask for donations and we rarely give anything for free. People do not value things that are free. Because people subscribe to the notion that the best things in life are free (which you now know aren’t), they expect something for nothing, by default. The slave mind likes “free” because that is what it can afford most of the time and not because “free” represents the best or highest in quality or value.

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