The Ta Chronicles – Volume 1 (TAAK:NU)




Millions of years ago, long before the epochs of human history, the earth was covered with vast forests, jungles, and swamps.

The order of the world was the opposite of the current order.

Whereas civilization is widespread globally today, there were only pockets of civilization.

These civilizations were great kingdoms inhabited by the Ta.

“The Ta Chronicles” are the historical accounts of the Ta and what has become of them up to the current point in time.

Traversing 18 million of years of existence, “The Ta Chronicles” is an epic series of accounts that begin with the origin of the Ta, their rise to excellence, their decline to being eradicated by their enemies, and later condemned from memory by the standing cultures of today’s world.

This is what has been hidden from the world.

This is the truth that has the power to lay the foundations of the new world.