The Noonebu Academy

Welcome to the Noonebu Academy. I am the Atenubi Taharakhti of the Noonebu Academy and community. The purpose of the Noonebu Academy is to provide proper instruction about the laws, order and principles of absolute nature via universal philosophy, sun culture and our science called, the "TAKANU". As a member of the Noonebu Academy you can expect 4 primary benefits. Those benefits are:

  • A balanced universal rationale
  • Improved reasoning
  • An advanced understanding of absolute nature
  • How to apply and benefit from what you learn

Our literature and lessons are designed to introduce you to various Noonebu concepts and fundamentals but you will need to have live and personal instruction and guidance. For this, we host a live online class each week. Each class is hosted by me. Be sure to use our social network, download our iOS app. These technologies provide a secure platform for Noonebu Academy members to learn and discuss Noonebu philosophy, science and culture. You are encouraged to engage with the Noonebu community and participate as much as possible. You may ask any questions that you may have. To get started, be sure to register for our next class. Read, "The Sun Cycle Prologue", visit our blog regularly, and download our iOS app. Ask questions where and when you do not understand or require more information. We look forward to growing with you.

The Atenubi Taharakhti