The purpose of anything can be identified by observing its effects on its environment. In the western world, the purpose of western archaeology is to hijack and lead the narratives and timeline of human history. We know this because that is how western archaeology is used. In this post, we’re going to identify and examine the arrogance and purpose of western archaeology.

Moving forward, let’s begin with two questions: If somebody was to say that they know more about you than you do about yourself, would that be acceptable or accurate and would you consider it to be disrespectful? Would you call it arrogant? Before you answer those questions, I’ll point out the fact that this is what western archaeology does with every ancient culture that it “discovers” or digs up. This is what is being done and has been done. There is no denying that because it can be observed in the fact that the so-called leading experts on human and world history are somehow always people of western culture and academia. Western culture and academia are not everybody and do not represent all cultures, philosophies, and rationales equally or actually. Western archaeology and academia perpetuates the idea that western so-called experts are the top experts on every culture of the world. They have inaccurately credited the Greeks and Romans with being the best people of the world in ancient times and the first to do everything of significance or relevance. With these things in mind, one can correctly conclude, with reason, that western archaeology and academia directly and indirectly implies that no other cultures or people on this planet are capable of accurately establishing or leading any narratives of human history and the cultures thereof. This is basically saying that western archaeologists and academia know more about other people than other people know about themselves. Now, I want you answer the two questions at the beginning of this paragraph considering all of what you have just read. Do you see the arrogance of western archaeology and how it is possible that it has skewed the worldview of human history? The introduction of the European dating/timekeeping system begins at 0 A.D. (Anno Domini is Latin meaning, “year of our Lord”). Not everybody’s lord but their lord. Not everybody’s language but one of their primary languages. You can see how European culture arrogantly asserts itself as the foremost culture in history. Yet, European culture is an A.D. culture. They had no significant structures or achievements before the A.D. designation of the historical timeline. The word, “racism” is indeed defined as a belief that one race or people are inherently superior to other races (see definition). The established western view of human history and the timeline thereof is racist. Such a conclusion considers all facts about western archaeology and academia. So, before anyone attempts to say that I am playing the “race card”, know that race, as well as the concept of race itself, is a card that has been played by European culture since the dawn of the culture and that’s not a lie. All of their books are the proof and validity of the claim that I have just asserted here. The results of the actions of those that uphold European/Western culture show it. Nobody can erase or hide any of that. This is how it is with all facts considered with reason. History, as you know it is history as European/Western culture, wants it, not how it actually is. There is a reason that if you were born or live in the West/America/Europe, that you have probably never heard of or read any of the books and accounts of other cultures and people. If you did, it probably wasn’t in the native language of the literature and you most likely did not have it explained to you by a person that is native to whatever culture you are studying or researching. It is most likely that you heard or read something that was written by a Western/European/American person that professes to be an expert on another people and culture that are not his or her own. That is the same as somebody saying that they know more about you than you know about yourself. We can agree that is arrogant.

Most people do not consider things like this. However, all facts must be considered when establishing the truth about anything. Confirmation bias and pseudo-history are prevalent in western archaeology. Western archaeology attempts to convey theory or speculation as fact. The only thing that can truly be kept a secret is knowledge of history and of absolute nature. Knowledge of history requires facts, reason, evidence, and MEMORY. If people forget about something, then what was known then becomes unknown. A correct record of facts (books, etchings, symbols, etc.) and solid evidence (artifacts, etc.) are nothing without reason (rationale) and memory. Reason and memory are functions of the mind and culture is ultimately an expression of mind. Knowledge of absolute nature also requires the same things that knowledge of history requires. So, without the necessary rationale and accurate memory, the correct and proper view of any history can be twisted or corrupted in many different ways. When you take the MIND (reason and memory) out of the picture then the view of history is open to interpretation by other people with their own goals, motives, and agendas. The Noonebu Academy puts the mind back into the view of history according to the Ta people. It reintroduces the rationale and accounts of the Ta people, a people that have been omitted from the established historical narratives along with their culture and philosophy. The culture, philosophy, and science of the Ta people are once again available to the world via the Noonebu Academy.

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