How is it possible that 1,000+ tribes and cultures in Africa ALL forget or omit their interaction with the Ta people?

How did the whole of Africa and the world forget about the Ta people and their culture?

We know that Negroland/Nigritia, ancient Sudan, and ancient Aethiopia existed…so, where are the physical artifacts?

In the near future, there will be a lot of talk about what is called, the Dan Baki Pyramids and Dan Baki Sphinx. The Dan Baki Pyramids and the Dan Baki Sphinx are also called the Zinder Pyramids and Zinder Sphinx. There will also be more discoveries tied to these findings. There will be a lot of speculation, assumptions, theories, beliefs and opinions about the identity of the people and culture that produced the Dan Baki pyramids and sphinx. However, there is the fact the all established African cultures have also established their narratives and none of them include any information about the people and culture that produced the Dan Baki Pyramids and Dan Baki Sphinx. Right now, at the time of this writing, European and African academia are formulating their own theories, opinions, and beliefs which they will use in attempts to hijack the narrative about the identity of the people and culture that produced the Dan Baki Pyramids and Dan Baki Sphinx. Just as all of the established historical and cultural narratives have omitted the facts about ancient Negroland/Nigritia and ancient Aethiopia, the facts about the physical evidence of the Ta people and their culture have also been omitted. Nobody can tell our story better than we can. You cannot hide the fruit from the tree that produced it. There are many more artifacts and we will preempt these findings with information about the culture and people that produced them. There will be several different interest groups that will attempt to hijack the narrative and claim ownership of the structures. They will also attempt to hijack the identity of the culture and people that produced the Dan Baki Pyramids and Dan Baki Sphinx. No matter how much belief anyone has…no amount of belief has ever proven anything. Apple trees do not produce oranges and orange trees do not produce apples. Only the Ta people and Noonebu culture, philosophy, and science can produce the fruit that it yields. Any impostors will permanently fail. Any attempt to hijack the narrative and/or identity of the Ta people will permanently fail. The Ta people were/are not christian, muslim, jewish, buddhist, hindu, pantheist, or pagan and as such have no ties to either. Therefore no mind that harbors these religions or belief systems can produce the distinctive aspects, identity, products, or benefits of the mind that produced, upholds, and perpetuates the culture, philosophy, and science of the Ta people.

NOTE: As of the date of this post, the Dan Baki Pyramids and Dan Baki Sphinx have not been raided, robbed, or “excavated” but “archaeologists” are currently working to do so. There are an estimated 40,000+ solid gold objects inside of these pyramids. The Ta people and the Noonebu Academy know what these gold objects are and what they look like. Descriptions of the objects will be preempted by detailed information released by the Noonebu Academy.

European/Western academia have lied about the true timeline of human history. They want people to think that history started with them. They rush to lead the narrative on all cultures, current and ancient. The world has been convinced that history and the oldest civilizations are no more than five to seven thousand years old despite the empirical evidence that there are civilizations that existed many hundreds and thousands of years before five to seven thousand years ago. European/Western academia have convinced the world that anything significant that happened or took place in the ancient world was the result or product of European people and culture despite the empirical evidence to the contrary.

There is no doubt that lies have been told about the history of people and civilizations on this planet. There is no doubt that many specific facts have been omitted from the established historical narratives. The only question about any of this at this point is why. Why are lies being told? Why are facts being omitted? The answer to those questions is simple. These facts are not left out because they are not important. These facts have been left out, overlooked, diminished, and even dismissed or discounted in order to perpetuate the beliefs, theories, and opinions that favor the European and his culture as the preeminent, prominent, and best to exist when in reality the facts show that European culture has caused more global problems and committed more atrocities than any other culture in history.

Most people do not know more than they have been told about history, therefore most people do not do their own research. They would rather trust that somebody else is going to do it for them. However, we know how that has worked out….you know, with all of the lies and omitted facts. So, the question is now, what has been hidden? We already know who is/was doing the hiding and why. Now, you need only to know what has been hidden, kept secret, or covered up.

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