It is evident that the forward anthem of western society and its declining philosophies are that:

  • everything is acceptable
  • the standard is having no standard
  • it is okay to not have any principles or morals
  • belief has more value than reason
  • emotion has more value than facts or reality

One of the ways that this is manifested in the media is via the idea of being politically correct. The idea and definition of being politically correct means to not consider, mention, or account for all of the facts. For example, “gender equality” means to invalidate or ignore the fact that male/female biology, clothing, and roles exist. Of course, no fact can be reasonably invalidated. Ignoring any fact is to ignore a reality.

This extremely liberal philosophy is toxic for any community, society, or civilization because it demonizes facts and reason or dealing with reality, by default. Why is it toxic? It is toxic because choosing to not deal with reality is noted and classed by psychologists to be schizophrenia which is a mental disorder. Normalizing mental disorders is not proven to be beneficial for individuals or groups of people. Not dealing with reality is never truly beneficial because, in order to do anything real, you must deal with what is real. People with mental disorders are not qualified to lead because they will not consider all of the facts about the people they lead and the conditions thereof.

Religious people believe that their belief and faith in their god is evidence of the existence of their god. However, the religionists’ belief in their gods proves nothing but the fact that they are not dealing with the reality that there is no empirical evidence of any god or devil. A man can believe that he is a woman or vice versa and this is seen as acceptable in Western society and media. Anybody that argues against that is labeled a homophobe, regardless of the biological facts because it is politically incorrect to acknowledge the fact that a person’s belief does not determine their biological existence. The word tolerance is used to enforce the normalization of mental disorders. People in America are actually protesting the borders of their own country and are demonizing the idea of borders in general. People are taking comedians seriously with regard to social issues and see them as reformers and leaders. That’s like having a clown or court jester for a mascot or social leader. The term “thought leader” suggests mind control but the people that listen to and follow “thought leaders” believe they are free thinkers. In business, trying to get something for nothing is fraud but there are people that believe others should do something for them at no cost. There are people that enjoy and benefit from having constitutional rights but rally for socialism. There are people that demonize capitalism but deny the fact that the internet and the technology they use is driven through and sustained by capitalism. People want to be wealthy but they demonize money or the accumulation of large sums of money. There are people that want fiat currency to be replaced by a currency that is backed by assets and commodities but most people don’t have many assets or commodities. These toxic ideas are commonplace now.

So, what is to be done? How can one deal with a society in which ignorance, idiocy, and kleptocracy are more common than their opposites? Changing people’s minds is a futile attempt, given all of the facts. Attempting to fix the systems that introduce, maintain, and perpetuate toxic ideas is futile, given all of the facts. So, again, what do you do if you are an intelligent and reasonable person in an environment filled with lunatics? Liberation is separation from adverse forces which includes adverse mental forces and adverse environments. The Noonebu Academy teaches and shows you how to rise above and away from the lunacy. It teaches intelligent people how to deal with the reality that most people are out of touch with reality. The Noonebu Academy is like the darkness that controls the light or the sun that outshines the moon. People that are out of touch with reality are not qualified to control or deal with the Noonebu. Nature allows the stronger to prey upon the weaker. A weak view of reality facilitates weakness in dealing with reality. Weak minds are subject stronger minds. The Noonebu mind is not weak and we know that the best way to deal with this is to take full advantage of the facts for our benefit.

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