In ancient Ethiopia, there was a commercial custom and policy that was unique to the Ethiopian culture. This custom is noted in ancient records that bear witness to Ethiopian culture and was known throughout the world. Kings around the world envied this custom and policy. It was called, “The Table of The Sun”. The “Table of The Sun” was a large area in which all types of food and drink were provided by Ethiopian kings and nobles at no cost to anyone. The Table of The Sun served several purposes. It provided a way to promote Ethiopian culture and a way to entice foreign traders because caravans of all sorts and from all lands were welcomed to the Table of The Sun. The Sun sustains all life on this planet. The fact that a person is alive was the only thing required to eat at the Table of The Sun. Kings from all over the ancient world envied this however, none were able to duplicate it in the manner or to the extent and measure of ancient Ethiopian culture and the Ta people. The Table of The Sun custom is evidence that there is/was no racism in Noonebu (Ta/Ethiopian) culture. To learn more about Ta/Ethiopian culture, GO HERE.

Honoring our heritage, we continue this rite via the House of Harakhti. Because we don’t have possession of the necessary real estate and infrastructure to provide food in abundance to whoever desires to eat and today’s world is not the world of times past, we provide ways and means of production and resources so that people can “eat”. This is also in keeping with the economic well-being tenet of Noonebu philosophy. All Noonebu Academy members are entitled to access the resources provided by the House of Harakhti. This is open to everyone.

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