The LGBT communities are not simply asking or fighting for rights or equality. They are pushing an ideology that has no standards or principles and they equate values with emotions or feelings. Standards are important because they provide people and organizations with a basis for mutual understanding and are used as tools to facilitate balanced communication, accurate measurement, and fair commerce. Principles are the fundamental norms, rules, or values that represent what is desirable and positive for a person, group, organization, community or culture which helps in determining the rightfulness or wrongfulness of its actions. Principles are more basic than policy and objectives and are meant to govern both. Our values inform our thoughts, words, and actions. Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. The decisions we make are a reflection of our standards, principles, values, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose. Honor and respect are maintained by standards, principles, and values. Without standards, principles, and values, there can be no true respect or honor.

NOTE: The Noonebu Academy refers to the LGBT as “HomoTran”. This is a word that we use to describe the LGBT. “Homo-” represents the word homosexual and “-tran” represents the words transgender, transvestite, and transsexual. We use the word “homotran” to describe anyone that does not identify as heterosexual. Throughout this article, the word “homotran” is used instead of “LGBT”. We do this in order to show that Noonebu culture does not support the LGBT, their goals and objectives, or their ideology.

The lack of standards, principles, and values constitutes a lack of culture. All cultures have standards, principles, and values. There is no culture without standards, principles, and values. There is no such thing as a culture of not having culture. There is no such thing as “LGBT culture” because they have no defined standards, principles, and values. Ethnocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction of the culture of an ethnic group. The homotran movement is ethnocidal because homotran ideology deliberately and systematically seeks to destroy, displace, dismantle, or dismiss established cultural standards, principles, morals, and values. The homotrans assert that cultures or other people should abandon their standards, principles, morals, and values in order for the LGBT to be accepted or comfortable. They want people to believe as they do and if you don’t they will gaslight you. The homotrans want to change the way that people think which is the same as saying that they want to control how people think which is mind control. The homotrans want people to accept their belief-based ideology in the same way that religionists do. The homotrans will vilify your culture and philosophy if you do not believe as they do. The homotrans have consistently proven that they have no respect for culture and they do not honor others outside of their community. The homotran wants to be accommodated but they don’t want to accommodate others. They will only deal with or consider the facts that support their feelings, omitting any pertinent facts that they don’t agree with. Not subscribing to another’s belief is not hate. Having no support for something, someone, or some people that are against your own culture, disrespectful, or dishonorable is not hate. Choosing to not support something, someone, or some people that don’t support you is not hate. These things are reasonable. The homotran does not want to deal with reality or be reasonable. So, they push their agenda to disrupt cultures by psychopathically gaslighting people and society via the media. The homotran movement is ultimately pro-ethnocide and anti-reality, driven by a dishonorable and disrespectful ideology that is rooted in belief and emotion, not facts and reason. The homotran movement is a western counterculture and a product of western culture and philosophy. It is a fact that heterosexual support of the homotran movement does not benefit heterosexuals. Yet, there are heterosexual people that support homotran causes and issues that don’t affect heterosexuals. Heterosexual support for the homotran movement is also supporting the homotran ideology. Homotran ideology is anti-cultural. Therefore, support for homotran ideology is also anti-cultural, by default. The homotrans are always campaigning for heterosexual support because the entire homotrans community is not able to sustain itself without support from heterosexuals. That can be likened to a vampire that needs blood from others to stay alive. Lampire, Gampire, Bampire, and Tampire are words that we (the Noonebu Academy) use instead of vampire to describe people that subscribe to the vampiric and preternatural homotran ideology.

There are some facts about the homotran trend that can never be hidden, reasonably argued or denied. It is a fact that the homotran narrative is more feminine than masculine yet there are more gay men than gay women. It is a fact that the various people that claim false genders still recognize masculinity and femininity which represent the only two genders. It is a fact that even though people claim false genders, human reproduction is only possible with the only two true/real genders which are male and female. It is a fact that none of the “other” so-called alternative genders have ever had a constructive role in the proliferation of the human condition. Regarding the ideology of transgenderism, the “born that way” claim has never been empirically legitimized. The “in the wrong body” claim has never been substantiated or proven to be anything other than a mental disorder. Dimorphic sex is the standard by which any other false, so-called genders are measured against. The homotran community is not immune from having or developing mental disorders but they assume that all homotran people are sane. The beliefs of the homotran are not empirical facts. The homotrans claim that they want “acceptance” of their sexuality but they also demonstrate that they want to impose their preternatural ideologies and imbalanced philosophies which serve the purpose of disrupting or destroying cultural standards, principles, morals, and values…which is ethnocide. Again, the homotran does not have any established standards or principles and because of that, there is no such thing as a specific or true homotran culture or philosophy. The homotran movement values belief over facts and reason in the same way that religionists value belief over facts and reason. The homotran community is not a community that stands on a foundation of reason and facts.

The Noonebu Academy does not support the homotran movement because homotran ideology is inconsistent with reality. Homotran ideology and philosophy requires the compromise of cultural principles, values, standards, decorum, and morals. Homotran ideology is ethnocide. The Noonebu Academy and community value our culture, philosophy, standards, principles, morals, and decorum which homotran ideology can only seek to disrupt or destroy. The Noonebu Academy or community does not need or require homotrans or the homotran ideology in order to exist and grow. There are people that will attempt to call this article homophobic or anything else other than reasonable. By action, direction, description, effect, purpose, and definition…those people are ethnophobic and heterophobic because their true aim is to debase culture and promote androgyny. Such people will never succeed with their aims here. No apologies will ever be issued about the things stated in this article. We do not apologize for being reasonable and acknowledging facts. We don’t apologize for our culture. We don’t apologize for properly identifying and assessing the aims or goals of the homotran agenda. We don’t apologize if this hurts anyone’s feelings. If you are hurt by the truth, you might need to think about why. Respect for disrespect is unreasonable. We don’t respect those that don’t respect us and our culture. The homotran ideology does not respect any established culture. As the evidence shows, homotrans ideology seeks to destroy culture. That is why we don’t support or require the homotrans.

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