There are small groups of black people that are part of what is referred to as the “black conscious”, “RBG”, “Pan-African” movement or community. This community of black people include groups or factions such as the radical black muslims, the black “hebrew israelites”, the nuwaupians, the “moors” and the black panthers. All of these small groups of Black Americans can be properly identified as black nationalists.

The commonly held beliefs and theories for black nationalists include:

  • Belief that they have ancient egyptian heritage (unsubstantiated beliefs)
  • Belief that black people are superior to all other races (which is racist)
  • Belief that all black people are the same
  • Belief that “true black people” have the darkest skin
  • Belief that black people should only date or marry black people
  • Belief that self-imposed segregation at every level of society would be progressive
  • Belief that black people are inherently kings/queens or gods/goddesses (total bullshit)
  • Belief that the black woman is god
  • Belief that white people are devils or that they are inherently evil
  • Belief that black people are better at doing everything
  • Belief that there should be a political party specifically for black people
  • Belief that bringing the past forward into the present or future is progressive
  • Belief that socialism is economically sound (reparations, etc.)

The beliefs held by black nationalists reflect those of white nationalists in almost every way. The black nationalist can rightly be called a “negro-nazi”.  A “Negro-Nazi” is a black person that subscribes to nazi (nationalist) ideology, politics, and philosophy that has been modified to fit the pursuits of the far-right black nationalist community. The Negro-Nazi cleverly disguises racism as doctrine, belief as progress and proselytism/syncretism as culture. The “Negro-Nazi” or Black Nationalist community is the far-right black community. Many Negro-Nazis believe that they have ancient Egyptian heritage yet have absolutely no evidence of that claim. There is a small number of Negro-Nazis/Black Nationalists that also believe that the black people of North America are indigenous to North America. The Negro-Nazi also believes that Africa holds the answers and solutions that they seek yet many Negro-Nazis have never been to Africa.

Negro-Nazi/Black Nationalist leaders and activists include people such Umar Johnson, Sara Suten Seti, Young Pharaoh Allah, Dr. York (dying in prison right now), Louis Farrakhan, Polight and Boyce Watkins amongst several others. The common modus operandi of negro-nazi leaders and activists include heavy use of YouTube, racist public debates, racist rants, no true business, grandstanding, and paralogy amongst other things. The Negro-Nazi does not understand that screaming “black power” is just as racist as screaming “white power”. They don’t see that black racism is just as bad as white racism. Many negro-nazis are inclined to perpetuating the false notion that black people cannot be racist. There is a problem with that notion…being that racism is defined as the belief that a race is superior to others. Being racist is hinged on the belief of racial superiority. Neo-Nazis believe that white people are superior to all other people. Negro-Nazis believe that black people are superior to all other races. Both the white nationalist and the black nationalist are racist because of their belief in racial superiority. Anybody can be a racist or have racist beliefs. Therefore, black people can indeed be racist. The primary difference between white racism and black racism is that black racism is not being institutionally enforced throughout western society due to the dominance of European culture in the western world.

Any person, group or faction within the far-right black community is not associated with the Noonebu community and we do not tolerate, support, promote or condone negro-nazism/black nationalism. We condemn the black nationalist/negro-nazi community and everybody/anybody associated with it or in it. The Negro-Nazi/Black Nationalist is delusional, racist, ignorant and are a major enemy of social, cultural, and economic progress for all people.

Note: The Noonebu community does not agree with what we call the “negro-nazi”. No negro-nazi can ever be an adherent of Noonebu culture, philosophy, and science. 

The Black activists and “Black conscious” community leaders are what we in the Noonebu community refer to as “Negro-Nazis”. I’ll now reveal something about the origin, foundation, and philosophy of the Negro-Nazi that supports the FBI’s assertion that they are “Black Identity Extremists” and that these people are a threat to the progress of any group of people including themselves.

Moving forward, the Negro-Nazi/Black Identity Extremist community is internally referred to as the “Black Conscious” community and will be referred to as such throughout this article. Why? Because although there are various groups or factions within their community, the common internal reference is the term, “Black Conscious”.

The Black Conscious community began with and has its roots with Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey was a Black Nationalist (Negro-Nazi). He was a communist. He was a Christian. He was born in Jamaica in 1887.  His philosophy was Pan-Africanist and is known as “Garveyism”.  Marcus Garvey set the red, black, and green color symbolism and flag of UNIA-ACL which is used by the Black Nationalist/Negro-Nazi/Pan-Africanist of today. Marcus Garvey never went to Africa. The facts presented here, are the facts that show that Marcus Garvey was the initiator and originator of the Black Conscious community.

The philosophy of the Black Conscious community is primarily Garveyism. You can see this for yourself by simply viewing the top Black Conscious community YouTube channels. The common underlying philosophy across each group or faction within the Black Conscious community is indeed Garveyism. Here are some links to some of the top Black Conscious community YouTube Channels so that you can see this for yourself:

YouTube Channels:

So, as you can see and hear for yourself in the videos on those channels, the overall philosophy of the Black Conscious community is Garveyism. The color symbolism of the Black Conscious community is Black Nationalist/Pan-Africanist. However, unlike Marcus Garvey, the Negro-Nazis favor socialist/communism.

There are some major logical fallacies in the philosophy and assertions of the Black Conscious community that are rooted in Garveyism.

For example, Black Conscious community members are:

  • Pro-Africa but most have never been to Africa…just like Marcus Garvey.
  • Anti-Christian, yet the root of their philosophy was founded by a Christian…Marcus Garvey.
  • Perpetuating the false idea that all black people and cultures as well as all Africans are one and the same…just like Marcus Garvey.

The Black Conscious community is consistently saturated with internal scandals and controversy, along with economic and social scams…just like Marcus Garvey, the largest of which was committed by Dwight York, the imprisoned and fallen leader of the Nuwaupians. The first person to be taken to court for Black Identity Extremism/Terrorism is a member of the Black Conscious community:

The Noonebu community is not a racial community. We do not tolerate or promote race activism. This is an academic and cultural institution. Nothing taught here includes any of the narratives, pseudo-science/history, or ignorance of the Negro-Nazi. Negro-Nazis are not allowed nor are they worthy of being amongst us. The Noonebu Academy does not accept racist people….black, white, or otherwise. Ignorance is not tolerated here. If you consider yourself to be pro-black/RBG or part of the Black Conscious community, you are not welcomed here at any time.