The Noonebu community does not harbor, promote or accept non-heterosexuality as normal, nor is it a part of our culture. A non-heterosexual person does not observe primary/natural biological order. Noonebu culture upholds and adheres to primary/natural biological order as well as lifestyles and practices that are conducive to the well-being of current and future generations. We acknowledge that there are only 2 primary genders which are male and female and that no man can ever become a woman or vice versa. Why? Because it is a biological impossibility for humans. It is impossible to alter the true origin of anything. So, there is no gay or non-heterosexual Noonebu. Some people may call this statement homophobic. The word homophobia means fear of homosexuality. None of what is stated in this post implies fear nor is it rooted in fear. It is rooted in the observance and respect for the primary natural biological order for overall well-being. The non-heterosexual lifestyle symbolizes death being that no two men or two women can produce children because the primary natural biological order is required for human reproduction. How can a family’s bloodline or genes survive and be passed on to future generations when no children can be produced? This means the death of a bloodline or family. For a non-heterosexual couple to have children they have to use people from outside of their relationship, adopt a child, or use artificial means. Whatever the option may be, the result is the same…no two people of the same sex can naturally reproduce which again is death. Considering the facts, non-heterosexuality is a form of genetic suicide and cultural ethnocide.

This is what freedom of speech looks like without concern for the idea of being politically correct. Noonebu culture does need or require the support or approval of people that are outside of our community. People have the right to support the LGBT community and we also have the right to NOT support any community that we know to be detrimental to our culture. We do not support the LGBT community and we don’t hate them. To force a person or a community of people to agree with you is sociopathic and is indeed bigotry. To call someone a bigot because they don’t agree with you is indeed bigotry in itself. We condemn the LGBT agenda. We don’t hate LGBT people but we also don’t support them or their social aims. We also don’t expect them to support us or our community because their support is not needed, necessary, or required for the Noonebu community to exist or grow. Non-heterosexuality is a mental disorder (see gender dysphoria) and not a race or a new type of human. It is a statistically and biologically abnormal sexual preference facilitated by mental disorders. The Noonebu community is not concerned with a person’s sexual identity unless that identity is inconsistent with the primary natural order. The LGBT community’s political and social goals are concessionist at best and regressionist at worst (refer to the social practices and customs of early European, Greek, and Roman culture).

There will indeed be people that will claim that this view is “homophobic”. So, let’s address that. The word, “homophobia” is defined as the IRRATIONAL fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. The key word there is “irrational”. What’s irrational about NOT agreeing with people that have mental disorders? The preservation of culture is a human right. Self-determination is a human right. If the LGBT community and their supporters attempt to force the Noonebu community to accept their ideology, we know that such an act would be an attempt to violate our human rights and we will deal with it as such with no reconciliation. We are not afraid of or have fear of LGBT people. This is clearly not about fear. This is about order and culture. Preserving one’s own culture and philosophy is not irrational. Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and therefore irrational. Gender is not a social construct. Gender is a biological reality. We assert that there are 2 genders which are male and female and this is due to the fact that humans have x (female) and y (male) chromosomes. No normal human can be born without male and female interaction. We do not acknowledge any gender roles that are not male and female.We assert that LGBT people are heterophobic. Heterophobia is defined as the IRRATIONAL fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against heterosexuality or heterosexuals. Every LGBT person is heterophobic by default. How so? Because it is indeed irrational (not logical or reasonable) for a man or woman to be homosexual/non-heterosexual. It is irrational for a man or woman to surgically mutilate their bodies due to gender dysphoria. A man that wants to cut his penis off is not rational by any measure. A woman that wants to convert her vagina into a cosmetic penis is not rational by any measure. Gender dysphoria itself is not rational by any measure. A man that desires to put his dick in another man’s ass or between another man’s legs is not rational by any measure. Desiring to be sexually involved with the same sex is not rational by any measure. Attempting to normalize an abnormal mental disorder is not rational by any measure. Acknowledging gender roles that are not rooted in reality is not rational by any measure. Therefore, I assert that all LGBT people are heterophobic.

There are people that claim non-heterosexuality/homosexuality is normal. Let’s address that. Normal does not mean abnormal. We all know that fact. The two words have opposite definitions. The true measure if what is sexually normal can be measured by observing the people in the city or town that you live in. How many people do you know with gay parents? How many of your family members are gay? Based on those observations alone, what would you say is normal? Normal sex is sex between a man and woman because that is what has produced more than 6 billion people on this planet. No human has ever been born of or from parents that have the same true sex or gender. From this, you can clearly see and know what is sexually normal. The facts cannot be argued. After all, who can argue with the fact there are billions of people on this planet? It would be irrational to argue against the fact that normal sex has produced billions of people and gay sex has not produced even one human and it never will. That’s a fact. This means that heterosexuality is normal for humans and non-heterosexuality/homosexuality is not normal. There are zero statistics to support any claim that the LGBT condition is normal. However, the LGBT agenda is normally promoted in the media and in entertainment. Most politicians are not gay. Most leaders are not gay. Most people, in general, are not gay. So, what is the basis for the assumption that homosexuality/non-heterosexuality is normal? Where are the stats? Speaking of stats, LGBT people are more likely to experience hate crime. Now, why is that? It’s because most people are not LGBT and vehemently oppose the LGBT agenda. The LGBT agenda is promoted in the media and entertainment because it is controversial, draws attention, and money is made from and with that attention from heterosexual people. The LGBT agenda is not promoted because it is normal. It is promoted because it is not normal and that is why there is so much controversy. Controversy makes money. There would be no controversy if the LGBT agenda and its aims were normal.

There is no LGBT Noonebu in the same way that there are no apple trees that grow lemons. You can’t make lemonade with apples. There are no gay people that are straight. There are no straight people that are gay. It’s one or the other. Nobody can rationally be both. A Noonebu adheres to normal heterosexual activity and preferences. Here is another impossibility. The information on this page cannot be refuted and nobody can refute anything with beliefs. Facts are required…all of them and not just those that are selected to fit the pursuits of people with mental disorders. We don’t treat people with mental disorders as if they are normal because that would not be dealing with reality.

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