Not being able to fit something into any of the current models doesn’t immediately exclude it from the realm of possibility. In other words, just because you yourself don’t or can’t understand a conclusion that is rooted entirely on balanced reasoning and the acknowledgment of all facts, does not mean you are right or correct. Disapproval or not being able to deal with all of the facts does not invalidate anything. Some of the concepts that you are about to read will be new to most people but I assure you that everything you read in the post is inclusive of all facts.


Let’s move forward.

What you are about to read may surprise you. It concerns something that we all know of and are familiar with. This concerns space. Not simply outer space but space itself, what people perceive to be emptiness. What you believe to be emptiness is not emptiness but formlessness. Might you be thinking to yourself….”WTF? Did this guy just say that space is not empty”? Yes, I did but before you dismiss that assertion, hear this out. Scientists know that space is not empty, however, the common belief in the minds of most people is the opposite. Yes, this is highly relevant information for anyone that is intelligent because if your perception of one of the most fundamental aspects of nature is wrong, imagine how wrong one could be about anything else in nature. Albert Einstein proposed that space is not empty and conceptualized it as “ether” which is defined as a medium that in the wave theory of light permeates all space and transmits transverse waves…but don’t confuse the products of Einstein’s mind to be the basis for what you are reading right now. Matter cannot be destroyed to the point that it does not exist. Because of this, it is impossible to create absolute space. Nothing exists without space and no space exists without something. No matter exists without space and no space exists without matter.

Matter is anything that exists in or takes up space including energy. The formlessness of space is a field of energy-matter. The prime-mover energy-matter “particle” that exists at the point between formlessness and form is called the “Noot” in the Takanu. Noots are everywhere at all times and are of the same quality. Noots are activated via mind-energy or reason and condition. The Noot is the prime-mover in nature and the mind-energy called reason is the prime motivator. Noots are efficacious in function, form or formlessness, and purpose. Noots are activated by mind-energy. Yes, Noots are also the prime-reason and prime-mind in nature. What we all call vacuum or suction is the power of space. That power works in all directions, at all times, in all conditions. What we call reason is the power of mind-energy. Space/formlessness is unseen and matter is seen. Activating the seen and unseen in the same place at the same time by reason-condition is what can be called thaumaturgy, black magic, sorcery, or alchemy. The force by which the Takanu is facilitated is called the “NooZooN” and is written with the capital letters as shown to emphasize what those letters symbolize and is pronounced as it is written. The word, “NooZooN” is a palindrome. This symbolizes a concept and principle that is taught to members of the Noonebu Academy. Note: Though this word is written with English letters, it is not of English language origin.

In the Noonebu Academy, you will learn more about Noots, the Takanu, and how to use the NooZooN force. What you have been reading here are some of the natural principles by and with which the Takanu science is facilitated. The Takanu is exclusively taught here at the Noonebu Academy. Learn More.

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