It is a fact that Africans (Akan and many others, see this) were selling Black slaves to the Arabians and later to the Europeans. Those slaves were not enslaved because they were black. They were being sold by Africans (other Black people). Think about that for a minute. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was not the only slave trade. The trans-European slave trade was not the only slave trade. The trans-Arabian slave trade was not the only slave trade. Before any of those slave trades was the trans-African slave trade which was being fueled by a trans-African war. That war was between the ancient Ta culture and various other cultures of Africa, with the Ta culture being on one side and everybody else on the other side. Most people don’t know of the historical accounts and events concerning the Ta culture or the great cultural war that went global in ancient times. None of the established narratives include the accounts of the Ta people. None of the cultures and philosophies that you know include that of the Ta culture. The name “Ta” is not to be confused with the “ptah” of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were an enemy culture to Ta culture. Ta culture has no affinity with Egyptian culture and philosophy or those of other cultures. Ta culture stands on its own and of itself. It is the oldest culture of human existence and record.

So, why haven’t you heard of Ta culture before? Due to the great trans-African war, a practice that has become known as “damnatio memoriae” was enforced against Ta culture and the Ta people. I provide more details about that in another post on this blog. You can see it here. Because of “damnatio memoriae”, you haven’t heard of the Ta people. Another reason that you have not heard about the Ta people is because most of the books that you read have been written within the last 50 years. You do not read books from the 1600s to 1800s or before. Most people during those time periods were illiterate and broke. Therefore most people did not have books. In fact, illiteracy and poverty are two of the primary requirements for religion to grow or flourish. The printing press was not in use by Europeans until the 1500s. Before then and on into the early 1900s, books were not mass produced in European culture and most people could not afford books which is the primary reason for libraries in any culture or civilization. Any place that has a library also has illiteracy and poverty. Universities became popular because each university was competing with their libraries or the information that they had available. Essentially, Universities were commercially popularized as a way to monetize ignorance by holding specific controls over and access to “higher level” information. Note: The sale of information is the oldest means of commercial production in the world and marketing is the oldest profession. It is no coincidence that I own a marketing corporation and I sell information.

The trans-African slave trade was not based on race, because everybody was “black”. The great trans-African war was not based on race, it was based on cultural differences. The Ta culture and people were not destroyed based on race, they were destroyed because of cultural differences. If you prioritize unity or unifying based on race, that’s literally putting the body before the mind which is like putting the cart before the horse. You can never unite people physically unless those people are united mentally. The only true way to unite people mentally is via culture. Most so-called “conscious” Black Americans set race before culture and race before mind or mentality. That’s why so-called “Black Conscious” people never make any true progress or true cultural progress. They do not set culture before race or mind before body. Their paralogical narratives are the evidence. Their lack of true progress or failure to establish new culture and philosophy is the evidence. The condition of the so-called “Black Conscious” community and its members are the evidence. The condition of Black America is the evidence. The fact that the “Black Conscious” community sets race before anything else is the evidence. You don’t have to look hard or long to see that.

Right now, the entire “Black Conscious” community has not included anything at all about Ta culture, the Ta people, Ta kingdoms, Ta history, Ta philosophy, Ta heritage, the great trans-African cultural war, or the trans-African slave trade. Black leaders and activists have maintained the damnatio memoriae enforced against Ta culture because they don’t know about it, don’t want others to know about it, or both. Do you want to assist and support the damnatio memoriae enforced against the Ta culture and people or do you want to know more about the things presented in this article?

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