NOTE: Before you get started reading this article, you need to think about something. Would you say up when you mean down? Would you say high when you mean low? Would you say no when you mean yes? Communication is only effective when other people understand what you are talking about. Allegory, interpolation or using words in ways that they are not academically defined or established is called slang or ignorance. Why say chaos if you mean order? Why say red when you mean blue? Either way, you get the point….there are people that will say that the word, “chaos” does not mean what the word is defined as or that actual “chaos” is not what is meant when the word is applied to “magick”. This article uses the academically established definition of the word “chaos” which is indeed the meaning of the word “chaos” as it is used in “chaos magick”. If you do not understand the whole of what is stated, this information is not meant for you.

“Chaos Magick” is defined as a contemporary magical practice which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods. A lot of people are aware of what is called, “Chaos Magick” or “Chaos Magic”. Chaos is defined as complete disorder and confusion. So, chaos magick/magic is the magic of disorder and confusion or magic that comes about from disorder and confusion. To define the word chaos in any way that is not consistent or congruent with the academically established definition of the word “chaos” itself, would be ignorant. If chaos magick/magic exists then so does the opposite thereof. The opposite of disorder and confusion is order and understanding. Stars maintain order in nature. No life can exist without them. So, the magic of order and understanding or magic that comes about from order and understanding can rightly be called, Star Magic. Stars are the most powerful entities in the universe and the universe is nature. Being encompassed by the universe and existing within a universe, the magic of the stars is nature magic. Therefore, the magic of order and understanding or the magic that comes about from order and understanding is NATURE MAGIC or UNIVERSAL MAGIC. Nature Magic is the magic of absolute nature. It is how nature functions. It is how the stars do all that they do. The universe is composed of space, matter and time. Space, matter and time can neither be created or destroyed. This is evidence that nature is eternal and therefore the universe is also eternal.


The word, “Magic” is defined:

  1. 1 a :  the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces

   b :  magic rites or incantations

a :  an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source

   b :  something that seems to cast a spell:  enchantment

3:  the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand entertained with acts of jugglery and magic

The “k” was added to by Aleister Crowley to differentiate the entertainment magic from “the art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with a person’s will”. So, the correct spelling for the word is, “magic”. There is nothing that cannot be understood if it can be observed and analyzed. “Chaos Magick” is not nature magic or universal magic. If information is beneficial then there must be some benefit when that information is applied. Information that has no benefit is not beneficial. Information that is not beneficial can be nothing more than entertainment. Chaos (disorder and confusion) are negative aspects of nature and do not represent the primary, positive or neutral forces in or of nature. If a person is confused about something, that person for certain does not know the order of something. For example, there are people that believe the earth is flat. People that believe that lie are confused and ignorant about physics and other sciences or facts (information) that prove the earth is an orb or shaped like a globe. Because those people are confused/ignorant about physics, they do not know the order that the earth is in. Therefore, they reject any facts in order to uphold their belief that the earth is flat. Again…if a person is confused about something, that person also does not know the order of that something. Confusion and disorder are not needed, necessary or required for nature magic because nature magic is based on facts and facts represent nature. Confusion and disorder are based on beliefs (lies). Syncretism is an indication of confusion. Application of knowledge with no true benefit is an indication of disorder. Any information that is called, “chaos” should produce chaotic results (confusion and disorder) when that information is applied. Ask anyone that practices “chaos magick” to demonstrate it in any way that is positive and does not hurt anything or anyone. You will find that they cannot or will not demonstrate anything positive with the use of their “chaos magick”. Ask if they can show you how to properly use “chaos magick” in any way that is positive whatsoever. You will find that they will avoid the question, recommend that you self-study or attempt to invoke fear in some way.


Real magic is the result of the applying advanced knowledge of the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. The science of applying advanced knowledge of absolute nature to bring about change or other activity is called, “Takanu” in Noonebu-Ta culture and philosophy. Takanu activity exists when the seen and unseen take place in the same place at the same time. A Noonebu Philosopher-Scientist is able to demonstrate the Takanu in any environment (even the internet) and at any time, without the use of anything more than his mind. There is nothing more powerful than mind and no power greater than the forces of absolute nature. There is nothing hidden in the teachings of the Noonebu Academy. Instead, we reveal things that have been hidden over time and we properly inform our initiates about the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature via Noonebu philosophy, science, and culture. The “magick” games are done now. As more people learn the Takanu and how to apply and benefit with it, the games and lies issued by various “magick” charlatans will reveal themselves. Are you ready to learn about the Takanu? Do you want to see it demonstrated?

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