Cognitive inequality is a topic that has been at the forefront of European/Western philosophy, society, and culture. Contrasting Black versus White people is the primary comparison regarding the topic. The conversation always shifts to Black people vs White people as if the collective of the other types of people have no effect, no impact or don’t matter. The entire population or the bulk of Black people has never been IQ tested at any point in history. Most Black people have never been IQ tested. Most people, in general, which includes White people and all other types of people, have never been IQ tested. That’s a fact. When you look at the IQ results and studies, it’s always for a small number of people compared the full population of any demographic segment. These are facts. Cognitive inequality is due to the fact that no two or more people have the same mind. For example, people with 110+ IQs are not always the most successful people and a 110+ IQ does not mean that all people with a 110+ IQ are all qualified to do or will do the same things. IQ does not translate to success or failure. IQ can translate probability but not performance. If we are going to deal with the facts, let’s deal with all of them and not just the ones that you are “comfortable” with or prefer. All facts are valid.

Allow me to illustrate the point I’m driving. There are over 47,000,000 Black people in America. If less than 1 million of them has ever been IQ tested, then how can the IQ test results of less than 1 million people truly represent the actual IQ of the other 46,000,000? That’s not science and it’s definitely not accurate. An IQ test is not a practicality test. An IQ test is also not a test for what is real or not real. IQ tests do not account for environmental, cultural, economic, or social conditions. Everybody is subject to their environment. Black people in America have less social and economic control in and of their communities than any other demographic in America. The bulk of the Black population in America makes less than $50,000 per year. Poor people do not run cities or control communities. A people’s culture is designed to benefit its people the best and the most. The dominating culture of America is European/Western culture. European/Western culture is designed to benefit its people the best and the most. European culture was designed to benefit those of European heritage the best and the most so it should be no surprise that White people are the largest segment of the American population and they benefit the best and most because American culture is their culture. In China, White people make up a small segment of the population and the culture of China is Chinese, not European. So, it is not a surprise that Chinese people succeed more than any other population segment and also benefit the best and most within their society. The same can be said in other places with contrasting or diverse populations. 

A person or people with a high IQ does not translate to “better” or high value by default. If it did, then how do you explain America’s current economic condition? Certainly, Black people are not running the economy and are not responsible for the economic problems. Scoring high on an IQ test only means that you scored high on an IQ test. It does not mean that your IQ accurately represents your degree of success, failure, capability, or value but your rationale certainly does. There is a reason that you don’t hear about rationale tests. Most people don’t get hired or fired based on IQ. Nikola Tesla was a brilliant person but he died destitute, swindled, and broker than most Black people in America are today. People don’t succeed or fail based on IQ. There are no studies that show IQ played a role in a person’s or company’s success or failure. There are no studies that show IQ played a role in a community’s success or failure. There are no studies that show IQ played a role in a region’s success or failure. There are no studies that show IQ played a role in a country’s success or failure. There are no studies that show IQ played a role in a continent’s success or failure. The facts show that there are highly intelligent people in all human categories.

The claim that Black people are less intelligent than White people is predicated on the false belief that all Black people are genetically homogeneous and all White people are genetically homogeneous….which is not true. The people that assert that false claim are engaging in ideologically racist activism. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. That is the primary implication when people assert that Black people are less intelligent than white people. These people also imply that “something needs to be done about it” which is saying that it is incumbent that White people must do something to control the population of “stupid Black people” in order to fix the perceived problem. These people unanimously assert that they “don’t know why this is”. Well, if you are looking for something that does not exist, you will never find it. How can you fix something that does not exist in order for it to be broken? Given the facts, the idea that Black people as a whole have a lower IQ than other people is dehumanizing at the least.

If you have to ignore, dismiss, or diminish pertinent facts in order to make your point, that makes your point factually invalid and that also makes your point a lie if the attempt to assert your belief, theory, or assumption as truth. Such an attempt is arrogant, ignorant, and quite often ultracrepidarian. If you subscribe to the idea that race has anything to do with IQ, then given the facts presented here, what does that say about your IQ?

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