The narratives for the library of Alexandria assert that the library was built under Ptolemy and was filled with the original scrolls confiscated from merchants. The narrative also asserts that scrolls were also taken from other cultures and territories around the world. So, how big was the world to Ptolemy, the Greeks, and the Romans? It was no bigger to them than what they were aware of. Remember that they did not discover America until the 1400s. Before then, their view of the world or the planet, as well as the people and cultures of it, was considerably lacking. The following images show maps of the world according to the ancient Greeks and Romans:

Ancient Greek View of The World:

Ancient Greek World Map

Ancient Roman View of The World:

Ptolemaic World Map:

The narrative claims that the library of Alexandria contained the wealth of the world’s knowledge yet the people that built and controlled the library were not aware of most of the world at the time. Due to that fact, we know that the wealth of the world’s information could not have been recorded there and we must also acknowledge the fact that not all information carries the same value to all people. We must also acknowledge the fact that most of the Romans and Greeks were illiterate. Most of the merchants’ sailors and laborers were illiterate. Scrolls were expensive and could only be purchased by wealthy people because they were made to order. Most of the Romans and Greeks were not wealthy and could not afford to go to school or buy scrolls. So, according to the library of Alexandria narrative, if it was filled with scrolls that were confiscated from merchants on ships and caravans…why were these caravans carrying so many scrolls? Was carrying a plethora of scrolls common for merchants?  Was carrying a plethora of scrolls common for poor, illiterate sailors and laborers?

If the library was also composed of scrolls from conquered people and cultures, then there is no mystery as to who those people or cultures were. We know who and what the Romans or the Greeks conquered. The secrets of those people were and have been divulged. So, where would all of the so-called mysterious and advanced ancient information have come from? Certainly not the merchants or poor, illiterate sailors and laborers. Certainly not the conquered people and cultures. These are not mysteries. The true mystery is how the library of Alexandria was filled with the wealth of the world’s information by people that did not know about more than 90% the people, places, cultures, and physical properties of the planet.

The narratives or prestige of the library of Alexandria is a fairytale…a lie. There is zero empirical evidence to support the claims set forth in the narratives regarding the content or information stored in the library of Alexandria. Somebody or some people want the world to believe that the library of Alexandria held the wealth of the world’s information because that belief projects the false idea that the people or culture that was in control of the library were the masters of all knowledge…which is a lie. If the wealth of the world’s information was there, then what were they doing with it? Surely the Romans would have known better than use communal sponges to wipe their asses, right? If the information in the library of Alexandria was so awesome and profound, then surely they would have known more about the world than their own records state that they did, right? If knowledge is truly beneficial then there must be evidence of true benefit when that information is applied. The absence of benefit cannot be deemed beneficial. How can anything be useful if you can’t use it? Surely at the time of Ptolemy, forward in the future from that point in time, there is no evidence that anything profound was taking place in which secret information or high-level information was required or used in order to achieve the activities and events of record.

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