The meaning of the word “Noonebu” is as follows: “Noo-“ meaning the positive aspects and powers of nature. “-nebu” plural of the root word, “neb” which means “activator, warrior, master, and custodian” in the language of the Ta people which was the primary language of ancient Ethiopia. The word Noonebu is plural in meaning and purpose as signified by the “-u” suffix. The singular form of the word is “Nooneb”. A “Nooneb” is a person that has mastered and can demonstrate the use of the Takanu (our science) in each of the 3 polarities of existence (positive, neutral, and negative), thus qualifying to be amongst the Noonebu hierarchy. When a person enters the Noonebu Academy, that person is not immediately qualified to be a Noonebu and is called a Tanebu until qualified to be Nooneb.

Note: Parents name their children and people don’t just come out of nowhere. The word, “Noonebu” was designated and preserved by the ancient Ethiopians as the new name for the heritage of their descendants. To learn more about the true importance of names and naming, [READ THIS].

An elite amongst the Noonebu is called a “Sem”. A “Sem” is exclusive to the Harakhti bloodline which is characterized by the A00 haplogroup. They carry signature traits (amongst others) as the DEC-2 genetic mutation which allows them to naturally require much less sleep than the average person. Nobody can fake a natural requirement of an average of 5 hours of sleep or less each day. This facilitates the brain activity that is required for a Sem to be able to do what is required of the “Semu” (plural of Sem). A Sem must be of the Harakhti bloodline, a member of the House of Harakhti. Given the bloodline requirement, a Sem is qualified when he or she has used the Takanu to establish true solutions, progress, growth, and prosperity for the culture and everyone that adheres to the culture. A Sem is a royal or noble in Noonebu culture. The highest ranking Sem is called an “Atenubi” and is always the Sem that is able to do the most for the culture in the present and forward into the future. The Atenubi is the natural born leader/regent/philosopher-king/monarch/sovereign (whichever is appropriate for the time) and is not elected but rather selected by the laws, order, and principles of nature. An Atenubi establishes himself and makes himself known. The hierarchy is maintained in real-time by the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. There is no faking this. This is real. I am the Semneb of the Noonebu Academy and the Atenubi of the Noonebu community. I built everything that you see here. I write every blog post here. I post all content here. I compose each of the lessons, videos, and books. I promote, protect, and convey Noonebu culture, philosophy, and science. I am the living, human initiator of the Noonebu movement and not some spook or unseen mysterious figure. The accountability and responsibility for the growth and progress rest in me at this time. If it were any other way, somebody else would be doing this but that’s not the reality. The reality is that I am real and this is as real as you are reading this right now. This is the start of a new culture for this time. This is not a new religion or cult. We do not pray to anything, anybody, or any gods. We do not have any religious aspects in our philosophy and we do not have any theory in our science. We don’t have holy or sacred books. We do not attempt to bring the past forward into the present or future. This is original. We are not trying to resurrect something from the past. Noonebu culture and philosophy is monarchist and elitist, not egalitarian. This is about right now and how it affects the future for those of my culture and heritage. This is about survival and prosperity. This is about cultural liberation and economic well-being. This is an academic community that will grow to be much more in time. How it grows is up to us but it most definitely will continue growing well into the future as facilitated by the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature.