Note: The following explains the concept of what is called “Sun Mind” and “Moon Mind” as the terms are used Noonebu culture, philosophy, and science. The following in no way reflects the philosophy, science, ideas, or notions of any other culture.

Most people are stuck in mental cycles that yield the same results each time. A mental cycle is a system of the same set of thoughts that lead to the same actions which yield the same results. This is why Einstein said that insanity is DOING the same thing expecting to get a different result. It’s because he accounts for the fact that actions are the results of THOUGHT. You have been stuck in a mental cycle and new thought is required in order to get out of that cycle. Without new thought, the mind will continuously cycle the same set of already produced or acquired thought.

The same cycle of thought without any new thought is what we refer to as “Moon Mind”. The moon does not have its own light. It reflects the light of the sun. Thought or thinking is also referred to as light. The word light is a noun, verb, and an adjective and there are multiple definitions for each form of the word (See Here). Brain activity or thought indeed produces light. The Sun continuously produces its own light. What we refer to as Sun Mind is the activation, stimulation, or introduction of new, positive and creative thought. Moon Mind reflects the thought produced by Sun Mind but because it is a REFLECTION, Moon Mind takes that thought in a different direction.

The mind naturally requires stimulation. Without any new thought, the mind will atrophy or debilitate just like your muscles will if you do not use them as they are designed. Moon Mind is limited thought or thinking. This is why people keep running into the same problems. This is why people are not familiar with true solutions. This is also the primary natural reason why people use less than 10% of their brain, mental capacity, or mental abilities. For so long, people have subscribed to the perpetuation of Moon Mind and now, look at the condition that people of this world are in. It should be no surprise that the results are so negative being that the dominating global rationale perpetuates and tolerates negative thought.

True actions require true thought. True culture, philosophy, and science are the products of true thought. True culture is also what we refer to as “Sun Culture”. The nature of the action is the same as the nature of the thought that produced that action. Before applying any information, it is only reasonable to know what the results of applying that information are or should be. So, if you APPLY any information that is said to be truly beneficial, then there must indeed be a true benefit. If you apply any information and there is no true benefit, then that information and its source cannot be truly beneficial.

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