Quite often people talk more about a few laws of nature more than they do about the principles and order of nature. Nature has many laws but order and principles are just as important because these are what the laws of absolute nature maintain.

There are two facts that I want you to keep in mind as we move forward.

Those facts are:

  • Science is based on philosophical positions
  • All living things have a mind

There are two ideas that most people subscribe to right now which are:

  • You accept the idea that the earth is living yet fail to acknowledge its life form
  • You accept the idea that the earth is living but not the sun or any other star or planet

There two principles that I want you to keep in mind as we move forward which are:

  • Impossibility is the exhaustion of all possibility as governed by the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature.
  • What scientists call infinity is the sum total of all possibility as governed by the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature.

I also want you to know that one of the highest functions of absolute nature is that the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature operate eternally throughout all space, time, and matter.

Now, let’s begin.

Stars are controller entities in nature and they are a universal existence. Humans are activator entities in nature and they are a universal existence. Humans, being activators, can activate specific powers and forces of nature. Stars influence, direct, determine, and supervise the life of humans and therefore the behavior of humans. Stellar influence, direction, determination, and supervision is not equal. Stars are not egalitarian and everything does not share the same matter condition, matter composition, or matter formulation. The purpose of anything is directly proportional to its quality of matter and mind. Purpose is properly identified by the effect that something has on itself, others, and its environment. Because humans are activators in nature, we have the ability to activate, release, wield, use, and apply any and all of the beneficial powers and forces that are necessary for us to survive. That condition is maintained by the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature which operate eternally throughout all space, time, and matter.

The Takanu is the science and art of activating the laws, order, and principles of nature by way of mind power concentration over time, through space, and with matter. The Takanu is a powerful science. Utilizing the Takanu requires the most powerful component of reality or nature. That component is reason or what people call mind, mentality, and consciousness amongst other things. You will learn that mind or reason is the fundamental motivating and prime-moving energy component of, through, and in nature. Advanced practice of the Takanu requires mental concentration, intense focus, formulas, and advanced knowledge of the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature in order to be performed properly and with activating control for your benefit.

Nobody can fake or feign utilization of the Takanu. It does not look like the false ideas that the entertainment industry has proliferated. It does not look like anything that is produced by any other culture or philosophy. Nothing of the Takanu has been borrowed, stolen, copied, tainted, changed, altered, or debilitated by any other people. Again, I assert…nobody and nothing can fake or feign the Takanu.

A lot of people claim to have profound information but cannot show the profound benefits of applying that information. There are people that claim to know the secrets of nature or magic. When these people are asked to teach or demonstrate these secrets or magic, they usually launch a salvo of logical fallacies, riddles, or other diversions. If they know it, why can’t they show it? The true purpose of any secret is to keep others ignorant of specific facts or knowledge. If you maintain any secret, you are perpetuating ignorance of specific facts or knowledge. That is not to say that everything is for everybody or that all knowledge or activities benefit all people or things equally. Nature is not a secret. The laws, order, and principles of absolute nature are not secrets. Being able to use or work with the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature is not a secret. The sun does not hide any of its rays. It shines on everything that it sustains or creates. The sun does not hide itself. The sun produces light and it takes a short time for that light to reach the earth, benefitting the life of this planet. However, it is also a fact that the sun also does not focus all of its rays to one location.

Why should it take a long time to see the results of a particular practice for yourself? Why should anyone have to jump through hoops in order to start seeing real proof? What’s going on with that? One could argue that everything takes time and that the law of growth applies to all things but the evidence of the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature are always present, operating, and everything is subject to them. This means that if somebody cannot show you that they are directly benefiting from the use of so-called magic or secret knowledge, they are being deceptive. To say that you know it but can’t show it is making an unsubstantiated and unquantified claim. Unsubstantiated and unquantified claims or assertions are beliefs, hypotheses, or theories but not universal facts. You can’t prove anything with any amount of belief and therefore personal belief is not proof or evidence of anything. Emotion is not empirical evidence of its cause. In other words, what you feel is not evidence of what made you feel that way. If you were hit in the head from behind with something and woke up in the hospital the next day, is that evidence of exactly what hit you in the head? No, it’s not. If you feel that something is magic, that is not evidence of the magic itself. You can clearly understand the point being made and that point is that the Takanu is not about bullshit. This is real and if you want to see real-time evidence of it, I’m open for that challenge and I’m available. I can show you in real-time. If somebody says that they have some secret knowledge or know how to use magic and they are not using it to make money or gain power, they are fools. I’m not a fool. I use the Takanu science to make money amongst other things. People that claim to have secret knowledge or to know magic of any kind but don’t use it to empower themselves and to improve their well-being are being deceptive. A true benefit is not simply an emotion. Information that is of no use to you is useless. A true benefit is tangible and is more than simply emotion. A true benefit is more than simply being informed about something.

We refer to our culture as Sun Culture because the blueprint for this culture are the principles, activities, and properties of the sun and stars. Stars are the most powerful bodies in the universe. Because we represent the sun or stars on this planet, we use the science of the stars or star science in accordance with the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature that govern our form, function, design, and purpose. This means that not everybody can do the same things in the same ways because not everybody has the same composition. The laws, order, and principles of absolute nature are not simultaneously egalitarian in potency, form, or composition. You cannot do more than you are able to to do and you cannot be more than your composition allows. You cannot make lemonade with apples. Sun Culture and the science of the stars or star science, which we call the Takanu, operates on, with, and for the principles that are maintained and utilized by our sun which is a star. The Takanu science is a product of what we call “Sun Mind” or “Star Mentality” which is of the highest possible quality of intellect and reason for anything in nature. We assert that the sun is a living life form because only life can produce, sustain or maintain life. The sun does all of that and more. All human life would die without the sun. The sun, our star, maintains us all and is the king of the solar system. Nothing moves without it. Nothing breathes without it. Nothing grows without it. Human existence is directly tied to the sun, our star. It is greater than any the gods of the religionists or any king that could reign on this planet. The sun, our star, is the greatest controlling power life form in our solar system. Humans represent that power as evident in the fact that humans reign supreme on this planet. Humans represent principles of superiority with regard to the order and hierarchy for surface life on this planet.

As I continue, keep these things in mind:

  • Applied energy-forces are what control conditions.
  • What is called “Dark Energy” is vacuum energy.
  • No, we are not in a simulation. We are in a thought.
  • If you look for something that does not exist, you will never find it.
  • If you don’t know what 95% of the universe is composed of, you can’t say that you know what the universe or nature is.
  • In any science, you must be able to measure, replicate, and predict.
  • This is not about exciting imagination.
  • Consensus is not the determining factor about what is or is not real.

The big bang theory asserts the idea that everything came from something that did not exist before the point of the bang. That idea is not logical. It is a fairy tale on the level of a religious belief. The big bang theory is a lie. Eternity does not have a starting point. The same people that believe the big bang fairy tale also know that matter or energy cannot be created from nothing or destroyed to the point that no part of it exists in any form. Form can become formless and the formless can gain or grow form.

Learning the Takanu begins with observing, practicing, and applying the principles of absolute nature. The laws, order, and principles of absolute nature are unrestricted in their respective operation and purpose. They function the same everywhere and at all times. When scientists observe quantum physics, they say that the laws, properties, and principles “contradict” those of material physics. What they fail to acknowledge is the fact that what they are observing is not a contradiction but an addition. Quantum physical laws, properties, and principles do not negate the laws of material physics, they function in tandem. This is what the evidence shows. There is no evidence of any contradiction. The evidence shows that quantum physical laws, order, and principles work with those of material physics, not against them. You can clearly see that is not a contradiction yet the mundane scientists assert that it is. Mundane scientists say that they do not know what 95% of the universe is composed of. That’s a clear indication that the collective of mundane scientists are admitting that they don’t understand 95% of reality. So, the collective global scientific community does not understand 95% of nature, yet they also assert that they are seeking a theory of everything. That’s hilarious especially when you consider the fact that everything is not theory. So, they attempt to make reality fit theory and the end result is that they have to continually change their narratives on nature and the universe. These people call themselves experts? How can you be an expert on something that you don’t understand 95% of? The more that you know about something, the more you should be able to do with it. The less you know about something, the less you are able to with it. Look at the world. This is the best that people can do. Nature always sets its best foot forward at all times and in every direction. It does not make mistakes. Everything has purpose and reason. Nothing is to be unknown if you know the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. How much you know and the quality of what you know is directly reflected in how much you know about nature and the quality of the information you know about absolute nature. If over time people lose information about absolute nature through the loss of records, does that mean that people have lost the ability to observe absolute nature or the activities and properties thereof for themselves? No. What is lost is the perspective or rationale that was required and necessary for the records to be created in the first place…the actual reason. Due to debilitated rationales, a lot of people are literally unable to understand what is in front of them…they don’t understand nature or reality. Scientists openly admit that they do not understand reality or nature and by default, this means that they don’t know what reality or nature is, how it works, or how it functions…yet they claim to know all about their god.

Being able to maintain a condition of autarky using the Takanu is one of the measures that determines and defines mastery of the Takanu. A master of the Takanu science is self-sufficient in the same way that our sun or a star is self-sufficient. Practicing the Takanu embodies the principles that govern that fact.

Organized record, preservation, instruction, practice, and use of advanced applications of the Takanu is necessary for the preservation of order and growth for the universal minds that produce it. The mind produces what the mind requires. The Takanu is a direct power controlled by our star, which we call Harakhti in Noonebu/Ta culture.

If you’ve been paying attention thus far, I need you to pay even more attention as we continue. The information that I am about to present will be uncharted waters for most people. So, pay attention.

Mind is reason-energy or reason. Reason can be ascending, neutral, or descending in quality and purpose. Reasoning ability is also known as rationale. There are many different rationales but any rationale is subject to the 3 polarities of nature with regard to purpose. The 3 polarities of nature with regard to purpose, result, outcome, and effect are positive, neutral, and negative. Mind can be constructive or destructive. Reason can be ascending in quality or descending in quality.

The powers of the Takanu present themselves when the seen and unseen are activated in the same place at the same time in accordance with the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. Allow me to make that statement as clear as possible. Quantum and material realities exist and these are various levels nature. There are quantum physical laws and material physical laws. One of the fundamental principles of absolute nature is that the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature operate eternally throughout all space, time, and matter. That applies to all levels of reality including quantum and material. This means that the laws of the material world apply at the material and quantum levels. This also means that the laws of the quantum world also apply to material world. The evidence clearly shows that they work in tandem and none of them negate the other’s existence or function.

The double-slit experiment that has been replicated many times. The double-slit experiment is proof that mental consciousness or reason-energy has a direct effect in the condition and composition of matter. It also proves that mind or reason-energy is a part of the fundamental structure of reality at the quantum level. A few people have tried to disprove that, but they can’t and won’t. Mind or reason-energy is omnipresent and can function at all levels of reality which includes the quantum and material conditions. The double-slit experiment proves that quantum superposition and quantum entanglement exist. What that experiment does not prove is that quantum laws and activities are limited or relegated only to the quantum level. Remember, the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature operate eternally throughout all space, time, and matter. That is a universal principle that applies to all levels of reality. This means that what scientists have been observing at the quantum level of reality can also happen at the material level of reality. Superposition and entanglement are powers of nature that humans can activate because again, humans are activators in nature and as such, we have activation powers which are limited to the capabilities of our form, function, and design as well as our mental abilities.

All living beings need key advantages in order to survive. All minds need key advantages in order to survive. The Takanu is the primary advantage for people with sun mind, the adherents of sun culture. In a world full of what we all know, the Takanu offers the most effective and efficient advantages for people. The results and products of the Takanu are characterized by accurate precision and predictive outcome. The results and products of using the Takanu are measurable and can be replicated. It is real.

Think about this:

If you are real, then what part of reality as governed by the laws, order, and principles of nature do not apply to you? Which ones do you not have access to if all of them apply to you?

Humans, being activators, have varying abilities to activate the components of nature. Your mind is powerful and you can use it to activate the components of nature to beneficial or detrimental effect. The difference is your nature or purpose and the limits of your activation abilities as dictated by your form, function, and design. The prime-mover particle of nature which we call the Nootu, is the smallest form of matter that can still be considered matter and its composition condition rests in the seen and unseen worlds or the material and immaterial forms of absolute nature. Nootu can be activated by reason-energy or mind and are all of the exact same composition. The Nootu are a primary facilitator and component of the Takanu science.

Learning the Takanu science begins with knowing that it is real. Not believing, knowing. This means that you must see it being used or applied in real-time, to and for the benefit of the Takanu practitioner. The Takanu practitioner must also be able to substantiate and quantify exactly what is taking place. The results and benefits of applying the Takanu science must be measurable, replicable, and predictable. I am open and available for any challenge to show the use of the Takanu in real-time, to and for my benefit as well as for the benefit of the Noonebu Academy and community. This is only one of the many things that sets Noonebu culture and philosophy apart from other cultures and philosophies. Mastery of the Takanu is a distinction reserved and maintained by the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature. You can’t make lemonade with apples. You can only learn the Takanu science here at the Noonebu Academy because as I stated earlier, the mind produces what the mind requires. In other words, other minds are not Noonebu minds thus other minds have been producing other things. The Takanu science is a Noonebu thing. This article serves as a proper introduction to what the Takanu science is. The Takanu science is exclusively taught here at the Noonebu Academy.

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