Having children is an economic burden regardless of how “special” people think having babies is. There is nothing special, unique or amazing about having babies. If you have more children than you can afford then you are doing your children a disservice. The decision to not have children is not a bad thing. Practicing sexual discipline or restraint is not a bad thing. Not practicing sexual discipline or restraint results in economically negative effects. A Noonebu does not have children because of emotions or by mistake and would never bring children into this world simply because “it feels right” or because “it’s the right thing to do”.  A Noonebu does not have children until his or her legacy is established first because the purpose for having children is survival. If a person is struggling to survive economically then having children depletes your economic energy and the economic energy of your children which is a disservice. Think about it…would you buy a $300,000 car if you make less than $50,000 per year? Would you buy three or four $300,000 cars if you make less than $100,000 per year? Of course not, right? Well, the average cost of raising one child is more than $300,000 for a middle-class family. Spending any less would mean taking away from the child’s quality of life and well-being. If children are living in poverty it is the fault of their parents for not creating a legacy before having children. Bringing children into this world with nothing to offer but “love” is bullshit. Making the decision to have children before you establish a legacy hurts yourself, your children and your culture which is why a Noonebu does not have children before establishing a legacy. Why? Because if you are not helping yourself, your children and your culture then you are not helping yourself, your children or your culture. This is a simple concept to understand. Anyone that does not understand or observe this truth is not a Noonebu. This means that a lot of people are not qualified to be a Noonebu due to the fact that they did not have or do not have the sexual discipline that is required in order to maintain the decorum and well-being of the Noonebu community. Life is a conditional result and not a miracle. There are billions of people on this planet….not billions of miracles. Having a baby is not a miracle whether the pregnancy is intentional or not. Simply being a parent does not make anyone special.

There are no “baby mamas” or “baby daddies” in the Noonebu community. We have mothers and fathers that are the core structure of the family unit which is a cornerstone of Noonebu culture. Noonebu men do not date or sexually engage women with children conceived with other men. Noonebu women do not date or sexually engage men with children conceived with another woman. Why? Because of the negative effects that it has on the children, the parents and the community. What are the negative effects? Simply ask any single woman/man that has children. If you don’t know any single people that have children, simply observe the people that do. You will then know what the negative effects are and it is because of these negative effects that we do not allow such things in our community. Why? Because it does not help our community.

There are some people that believe it is necessary to have several children even if they cannot truly afford to have several children because they are “nation building”. That is a bullshit notion and one that we do not promote, condone or support in the Noonebu community. Why? Because nation building without mind building, culture building and community building (in that order) is out of positive natural order and a Noonebu observes and adheres to positive natural order. People with a bunch of children that they cannot afford are not nation building because they are hurting their community and providing a disservice to their children. Hurting people or communities works against the positive natural order of any nation of people.

What has been stated here may upset some people but that is okay. Nothing stated here is a lie, cruel or wrong by any intelligent standard. Being a Noonebu is not something that is for everyone. Because our community, culture, philosophy, and science represent the highest qualities and standards in nature, it is only meant or designed for people that live their lives to the highest standards and qualities of, by, for, through and in nature. If a person does not meet the criteria for being a Noonebu then that person is called a “Tanebu” which is a person that adheres to Noonebu culture, philosophy and science but does not qualify to be a Noonebu. These types people can never be more than neophytes or initiates in our community. A Tanebu cannot hold positions of high or medium rank in our community, teach within or from our community, lead anyone or any group in our community or represent our community. A Noonebu maintains the highest qualities and standards possible at all times. Anything that depletes quality of life and well-being is not of high quality or of a high standard. Having children without an established legacy is not the result of intelligent minds because it is not an intelligent action. There is no exception to that order within the Noonebu community because there are no exceptions to the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature.

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