It was due to our social order and culture. We had kingdoms with absolute monarchies and therefore we had kings and royals. When playing chess, what happens when the king is captured or killed? The game is over and the side that lost its king loses, right? Historically, what has happened whenever a king was killed or overthrown? That king’s realm and his people are now being led by another king or authoritative body, right? So, it should be no surprise that when our kings were killed or overthrown, that the people of the kingdom were then subject to the rule of whoever was taking over. Obviously, anybody that kills or overthrows your royalty does not have the king’s people’s best interest in mind, right? That is what happened. Our royals were overthrown or usurped and the invasive party then did whatever they wanted with the people….including killing and enslaving them. When something or a people are out of order, then it is not functioning correctly, right? This is what happened. A lot of people proselytized under pressure from suffering loss and hardship brought about by war and the loss of order and resources. That will make any people susceptible to being conquered. The fall of our royals meant the fall of our social order. The fall of our kings meant the fall of our kingdom, people, and culture and that started with nobles in our ranks that were proselytes and syncretists. We fell apart from the inside and were very vulnerable considering the fact that were also surrounded by enemies. We fought a war on all fronts until our resources were totally depleted. We were at war with the whole of what is now called Africa and today, the Africans of Africa still despise Sun Culture and the Ta people.

The overthrow of our royals, war, and the takeover of our resources took its toll on our people as it would with any people. The overthrow was performed by proselytes and facilitated by the negative forces in nature. These people that were of our own or that were our kin, turned on us. They turned their backs on their own culture, heritage, and people in favor of European or Arab culture and philosophy. The chose “Moon Mind” over “Sun Mind”. The proselytes were paid well for their roles in the demise of Sun Culture and the Ta people. Proselytes think like and with their cultural dominators. They will also think for their cultural dominators in the absence of their masters. Proselytism and syncretism are threats to any culture and are two of the primary reasons (not the only reasons) why the Ta people were susceptible to being conquered and enslaved.

NOTE: This is specifically about why and how the Ta people fell….NOT all Black people or all African people. The Ta people were not Egyptians, Nu—pians, Hebr– Isr–lites, M–rs, Ak-n, or any other group of Black people. We are a culture of our own without the need for the validation, acceptance, help, or support from other cultures.

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