These Are The FACTS That Most Black People Do Not Want To Acknowledge.

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This is the most piercing, revealing, and irrefutable set of facts about Black America that has ever been compiled. Download, read, and share it.

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True Progress Cannot Be Made With Lies.

The purpose of this exclusive report is to eliminate the lies and false narratives of the entire so-called “Black Conscious” or “RBG” community as well as the entirety of Black America.

The information conveyed in this report is impossible for anyone to refute. It is the most powerful and forceful compilation of facts concerning all major narratives that are upheld and perpetuated by most Black Americans. As such, the information in this report will COMPLETELY destroy the foundational narratives of ALL Black communities, organizations, and activists in America. Why? Because anything that is built on or in ignorance can only serve the purpose of maintaining ignorance. The narratives that are destroyed in this report are socially, economically, and culturally toxic for Black Americans as well as for the people in any society or community in which Black Americans live.

Though it is shocking, this report does not contain lies or inaccuracies. Being written by a Black person, it is in no way racist towards Black people or any other people. The information contained in "White Lies and Black Fairytales" is hard-hitting and may induce extreme cognitive dissonance in the minds of ignorant people throughout the world. There is only one way to destroy the ignorant narratives that plague the minds of Black Americans and the society in which they live and it is to be done with the information contained in this report.

All Black American leaders and activists are hereby informed and warned that the information in this report will indeed dismantle all of what you are and have been doing. You are enemies of reason, order, and balance. There is nothing that any of you can do or say in any capacity that will be able to prevent what this report represents which is THE END OF YOUR LIES. You will not be able to deceive anyone that is exposed to the information that is revealed in this report. Your days have come to an end. Each of your primary narratives are addressed and obliterated.

This report is for everyone and anyone with the desire and intelligence to seek and learn the truth about the true position and condition Black Americans are in, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Black slavery in America, Black identity in America, and the primary Black American narratives for the purpose of eliminating ignorance and lies.

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privacy Fake names or email addresses indicate or identify liars.