The Ta Inception

The Ta Inception

The “Ta Inception” is a series of 5 lessons that provide the necessary fundamental information about the Ta and Ta culture. Furthermore, this information conveys detailed substantiation for some things that many people will find hard to believe but impossible to deny. You are invited to download and read each of the 5 lessons.

The order in which the lessons are to be read is as follows:

· The 3 Codes
· The Ta Rationale
· The Ta Identity
· The Takanu
· The Nootu

You will be introduced to concepts that far exceed anything you know right now. A specific methodology is used throughout each lesson in order to minimize room for beliefs to emerge or remain in the mind of the reader, thus keeping the message undiluted without bias. What you learn is not all but extracts from greater information. The purpose of this information is to provide THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH about various topics concerning all people.

This information challenges the lies you have been given to be reality. There are many people that will perceive this information as negative and will reject it without investigation but the absolute truth is that none of this information can be refuted, every claim is substantiated, and the truth being known by any number of people is only dangerous for liars.

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