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The Takanu is the science of the stars. It is the means by which nature creates, produces, reproduces, changes or alters, controls, guides, decays and destroys all things in nature. The Takanu reveals how nature does all that can be done. Stars are the highest emanations of life and intelligence in a universe. They are the most powerful of all beings in a universe. They are the superior controllers and programmers in nature. The power in this science, the Takanu, is the power of our star (the sun) and all other stars.

Utilizng the Takanu requires specific knowledge of the laws, principles and order of absolute nature. Mind is the initiator of the Takanu. The laws, principles, and order of absolute nature are the mechanics of the Takanu. The Takanu is scientific power of positive-creative, negative-destructive, and neutral existence capacity. This means that it works in all places, at all times, with all minds.

The Takanu is direct conditional activation of the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature in order to establish balance and order for the purpose of survival, growth, and perpetuity. The Takanu utilizes mental powers to activate balance where and when other mental powers have activated imbalance. Therefore, learning, practicing, or applying advanced knowledge of the Takanu requires the activation of balance and order within the mind of the practitioner first through learning Nature Knowledge which is advanced scientific information about absolute nature. This is why Noonebu Academy lessons and resources are necessary. Other cultures and philosophies cannot produce what is produced by the Noonebu Academy because the laws, order, and principles of absolute nature determine that all formulations and compositions are not equal. The minds that produced and maintain the prevailing cultures and philosophies of the world today are not qualified to produce any more or less than they are already known to have produced.

The Takanu science is practical, useful, beneficial, sufficient, and required for anyone seeking results, answers, guidance, and experiences that no other cultures or philosophies can provide. The Takanu is a distinct product of Noonebu-Ta rationale, culture, and philosophy. The same information cannot be found in any other culture or philosophy. Therefore, to learn the Takanu science, you must join the Noonebu Academy. To join the Noonebu Academy, you must download the Noonebu Academy mobile app.

The Takanu science is taught exclusively in the Noonebu Academy. Students of the Noonebu Academy are instructed on how to apply and benefit from advanced knowledge of the Takanu. When you download the Noonebu Academy mobile app, you will have immediate access to the latest version of the "Noonebu Codex", the primary textbook of the Noonebu Academy, you will be able to attend our online classes, and more.

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