This Is NOT A "Mystery School"

There is a term that is used by many when referring to ancient, spiritual, esoteric, or new age teachings. That term is, "mystery school". We all know what a school is. A mystery is defined as something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain. Considering the facts about what a mystery is by definition, a mystery school claims to teach what is not known about the difficult to understand or impossible to know. The logical fallacy with a "mystery school" is this: Regardless of what is taught at any mystery school, the fact that you have to study what is known about the unknown is admission of ignorance about absolute nature by default.

Moving forward...the Noonebu Academy does not teach mysteries. Mysteries are for the ignorant, unlearned, and uninitiated. Mysteries are how people describe their ignorance of absolute nature and its laws, order, parts, functions, formulas, designs, and principles. You will not find any mysteries or anything mysterious here at the Noonebu Academy.

Learn and Practice The "Takanu"

The "Takanu" is the science of absolute nature. It is the means by which nature creates, produces, reproduces, changes or alters, controls, guides, decays and destroys all things in nature. It is how nature does all that it does. Stars are the highest emanations of life and intelligence. They are the most powerful of lifeforms. They are the superior controllers and programmers in nature. The science used by stars to do all that they do is the Takanu. The Takanu science is taught exclusively here at the Noonebu Academy. Students of the Noonebu Academy are instructed and taught how to apply as well as benefit from advanced knowledge of the Takanu. Using or applying the Takanu requires specific knowledge of the laws, principles and order of absolute nature. Mind is the initiator of the Takanu. The laws, principles and order of absolute nature are the mechanics of the Takanu.

The only thing that can truly be kept secret is knowledge of history and of absolute nature. Knowledge of history requires facts, reason, evidence and MEMORY. If people forget about something, then what was known then becomes a mystery or unknown. A correct record of facts (books, etc.) and solid evidence (artifacts, etc.) are nothing without reason (rationale) and memory. Reason and memory are functions of the mind. Knowledge of absolute nature also requires the same things that knowledge of history requires. So, without the necessary rationale and accurate memory, the correct and proper view of history can be twisted or corrupted in many different ways. When you take the MIND (reason and memory) out of the picture then the view of history is open for interpretation by people with their own goals and motives. The Noonebu Academy puts the mind back into the view of history. It reintroduces the rationale and accounts of the Ta people, a people that have been omitted from the established historical narratives along with their culture and philosophy. The culture, philosophy, and science of the Ta people is once again available to the world exclusively via the Noonebu Academy.

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