Learn The Universal Laws, Order, and Principles of Absolute Nature

The Noonebu Academy is a private cultural institution for the development and growth of Ta culture, preparation of the Ta people for the new era, and the establishment of Ta:Gi:Nu

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Are You Qualified?

The Noonebu Academy is not for everyone. The “The Sun Cycle Protocol” E-Book is our qualifying device and it is available for free. If what you read stimulates further interest, you may be qualified to join the Noonebu Academy and begin your development amongst the Ta people.

Free E-Book

The Order of Ta Culture

"The Ta Kingdom" e-lesson is the first in "The Ta Chronicles" series, a homecoming call for the Ta people, and a notice to all people that the new Ta Kingdom exists.

The Ta Kingdom

Who and What We Are

Part 1 of "The Ta People" is an audio lesson that explains why and how the Ta people and Ta culture are different from others, conveying the mental and physical differences as well as the origin of the Ta people and much more.

The Ta People (Part 1)

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Become a member of the Noonebu Academy. By downloading the app, you will have exclusive access to The Noonebu Codex™ and all updates, lifetime access to all live classes, unlimited use of Tanutek™, direct access to the .:Atenubi:Taharakhti:., and more.

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