The Takanu: A Prelude To Neutronic Power (Video)

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The mention of the word “Sorcery” quickly conjures a “that’s bullshit!” type of response from most people, being dismissed as not real which automatically relegates the claimant to be a liar.


What if “sorcery” is actually real, but not as it is depicted in books, movies, video games, or other forms of entertainment?

Beyond mere illusion, trickery, or charlatanism, is sorcery or magic in any form an actuality?

And, if so… 

What is it truly?

What does it look like?

What does it sound like?

What is the RIGHT NOW evidence?

How does it work?

Why does it work?

Who can do it?

Certainly, the evidence is NOT found in the books, lectures, videos, or minds of those that do not understand it, do not know it is possible, and do not use it RIGHT NOW.

THERE IS NO POWER THAT IS GREATER THAN THE POWER OF REALITY and anything that is not real does not exist.

Therefore, ANY claim of sorcery or magic MUST utilize REALITY.

ANY claim of sorcery or magic MUST be explained and demonstrated in REAL-TIME, which is RIGHT NOW, if it is REAL.

Any lie is not reality.

Any trick is deception.

Any illusion is a distortion.

Of course, if YOU are not seeking lies, deception, or distortions…

You seek ABSOLUTE INFORMATION, which is void of arbitrary contrivance or conjecture.

This is about what is REAL.

What people imagine to be sorcery or magic are the ABSOLUTE functions and powers of REALITY.

The explanation of this, because it is reality, is not difficult to understand but it must be studied, more by some people than others because all minds are not equal.

What is to be known about any of this is the SURVIVAL TALENTS of people, animals, places, things, behaviors, activities, and CONDITIONS. Therein is the TRUE BENEFIT of such information because there is no higher benefit for any information that can be used to the extent of being qualified to be recognized as deliberate REALITY. Without specific intent and desired outcome, nothing performed or done is deliberate and there can be no true benefit.

Benefit is the outcome and power of ORDER for people and disorder can only produce detriment for people. However, these two powers, ORDER and DISORDER are necessary for anything to exist and NOTHING exists without them.

The seen and the unseen are opposites, but the value of the unseen exceeds that of the seen at every level and aspect of existence with all people, all things, at all times, in all places. More of what you don’t know or see is taking place right now that actually and actively contributes to your existence than you can see or inform anyone about right now. This is Absolute Information and without Absolute Information, no mind can know Absolute Reality or take ABSOLUTE ACTIONS in order to produce any deliberate ABSOLUTE OUTCOMES and this is what the TAKANU is. The Takanu is the deliberate activation of the Absolute and Active Action Powers of Reality.

The information conveyed in this video has not been disseminated for more than 26,000 years by any person or group of people.

In whole or in part, this information cannot be found outside of this resource.

On May 27, 2023, the “Atenubi Taharakhti” of the Ta people hosted a class in which he divulged Absolute Information about the TAKANU. It is explained in detail, substantiated, and shown to be what it is… REALITY. However, during this 2-hour video, much more is conveyed. You will learn more about REALITY during this time than has been revealed by any number of people with any degree of intelligence or any amount of effort in the history of any and all mundane or esoteric records. This video is the live recording of that class, which was only given once and will not be hosted again.