The Ta People (Part 1)

Many years ago, long before the epochs of human history, the earth was covered with vast forests, jungles, and swamps. The order of the world was the opposite of the current order. Whereas civilization is widespread globally today, there were only pockets of civilization then. These civilizations were kingdoms inhabited by the Ta people.

“The Ta Chronicles” reveal the history and heritage of the Ta people. This is the information that has been hidden from the world concerning the true origin, history, and future of people on this planet. In "The Ta Chronicles" series, many things are exposed that have been globally suppressed by the academic communities of the dominating societies of the world. Empirical facts that have been ignored by historians, archaeologists, geologists, anthropologists, and scientists in many fields, are presented with substantiation. This is the truth that has the power to lay the foundations for the new era.

In this 42-minute audio lesson, you will begin learning about the Ta people.

"The Ta People (Part 1)" Audio Lesson Explains:

  • The Origin of The Ta People
  • Why and How The Ta People Are Different From Others
  • The Mental and Physical Differences of The Ta People
  • How Many Ta People There Are Right Now
  • Why Nobody Can Learn To Be Ta
  • What The Ta Are Doing Right Now
  • And Much More...

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Mp3 Format · 42 Minutes