TAAKHNUZ: The Universal Order




Information has become too regulated and distorted for people to understand and know what is truly happening with the world, their communities, or even in their homes. If a person does not know what is going on, they will not know how to react to what is happening nor will they be able to survive. Knowledge of universal (cosmic) laws, order, and principles is necessary and required for the continuance of life. There are many people that will reject this information because it is absolute truth and such people are enemies of it, believing that absolute reality does not exist.

“Life must always exist before death, as life is needed before death can occur.

Death represents the negative secondary forces within existence and life represents the positive primary forces within existence.

Life is a greater force than death, as life doesn’t need death to exist.

Death needs life to exist prior to the event.

Life can’t destroy death, as that will reduce life to the equivalent of death a negative force.

Therefore, life and death will always exist.”

The Vanar-Va use the reverse ideology of what is above for death occurs first in their actions (war, genocide, and terrorism) with an objective to create life afterwards based on their ideology. Therefore, they can only represent anti-nature or death forces. When you have global situations based on a reverse understanding of life and death, then, the forces behind these situations are the peak of anti-nature/death forces. If some of these anti-nature/death forces then give their own people a “new” system, be it a “new” society, a “new” way of living, a “new” type of government (neo-politics/neo-liberalism), a “new” economic/financial system (CBDC), or  a “new” system of any type, by nature this system can only be deadly as anti-nature forces such as death (war / terrorism) was needed to create the system. To willingly accept this new system ties or identifies you with anti-nature/death forces. This is why your religious scriptures tell you that there is a mark of the beast that the masses will all receive, rich or poor.

Right now, you have no time left. There is no time for a reversal of course, a “reset”, or a removal of what is inevitable. Certainly, there is nothing more inevitable than reality. RIGHT NOW, due to the regulation and distortion of information alone, nobody has any time to:

  • Figure out what is going on
  • Decide the best course of action
  • Devise a plan
  • Accumulate resources
  • Set and maintain all necessary iterative activity
  • Execute the plan
  • Assess all progress
  • Mitigate all failure
  • Optimize the plan

Most people don’t know how to properly plan for anything that impacts their well-being. Your current condition and the condition oof most people in the society you live in is evidence of that claim. However, this is not about planning at all. It’s too late for anyone to make a plan. This is about survival RIGHT NOW. Surviving or thriving without precise, correct, and complete information is impossible. Therefore, absolute information about absolute nature is necessary because everything and everyone, good or bad/high or low, exists with and by the universal laws, order, and principles of absolute nature.

This is reality. For long enough, the people of this world have been in rejection of it. Now, in every possible way they reject it. You people, the Vanar-Va have gone far enough and you will not be allowed to proceed further. There is no new “evil”. There is no new good or benevolent. There are no new gods or devils. There are no new civilizations. Those people, the Vanar-Va are the end of themselves. They are, emphatically, the most destructive force on the planet. The only weapon of mass destruction being used on a daily basis is people, specifically, the Vanar-Va people.

This broadcast audio recording, “TAAKHNUZ: The Universal Order”, is for the extremely small amount of people that KNOW everything stated above is true and are seeking the information that is contained in this work. It is not for anyone else or everyone. The information in this audio file will cause severe cognitive dissonance, anxiety, and possibly death because it is imbued with a power the Vanar-Va do not have or know. There are no weird sounds, no silly music, or anything that is entertaining. This is a broadcast of absolute truth. Any time spent listening to the information contained in this audio file sets a charge in the person listening to it that will either nourish or poison the person’s being, depending on the person’s nature. Anyone with a charge that is not congruent with the charge imbued in this work will become egregiously ill, suffer a nervous breakdown with permanent debilitation, or death. This is absolute reality and most people do not want that. A lot of people believe a lot of things but it is of your own detriment if you download this file believing that anything you have read up to this point is a lie. DO NOT download this file if you are a liar. If you have ANY apprehension in your mind whatsoever, DO NOT download this file.