The Vanar Deception


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It is impossible to stop or prevent the END of anything. In extreme futility, the Vanar attempts to “save” what is already dead and decaying. By default, that is an attempt to preserve death and decay.

The END of any society, or anything involving people, is psychological (mental) degradation. When people are not thinking about something, they will not be doing it. A correction of anything that is wrong requires dealing with the reality that is rejected by the Vanar.

The purpose of a lie is to conceal information in order to get other people to reject the reality that the liars detest. Yes, lies are politics and politics is for liars. As demonstrated, any mind (person) that is political is never depoliticized. This means that political people cannot discuss ANY topic, matter, or issue of importance without inserting, presenting, or asserting ideology (view this). It is impossible for the Vanar to convey absolute information in discussing what to most people would be highly controversial topics.

The Vanar has concealed, hidden, or suppressed vital information. The Vanar Deception conveys absolute information about one of the primary lies maintained by the Vanar. You will be informed about an aspect of the existence of people in the most cogent manner possible. This is absolute information.