The Spell Breaker: A Reintroduction To The Ta and The Takanu




For thousands of years the people of this world have had their opportunity to compete with reality and they have all failed. Now, the reality that has been ignored, dismissed, diminished, devalued, perverted, or distorted is the consequence that is the current condition of the world. This world condition includes us, the Ta people. It is important for everyone to know who and what the Ta people are, what we are doing now, and what that means for every person on this planet.

In this audio lecture is information that challenges, exceeds, and obliterates the greatest lie that has ever been told about reality, people, life, survival, and death. This information will activate latent functions in the mind of the listener. A potent spell has been cast on the world and this is the way to break it. This is in no way a joke, satire, or deception. It is absolute truth which most people of this world are not familiar with. The world condition requires reasonable and intelligent people to know absolute truth because no life can survive with lies and lies are all that the other people of this world can offer. Ignorant people will reject this information. So, if you have any hesitation in your mind about downloading this audio lecture, do not do it. The information conveyed in this audio lecture is extremely powerful and there is a definite and certain outcome that will impact your life and death.

Runtime: 41 Minutes

File Size: 455 MB